As you all know, from the last few months there is a crisis in China because of Covid-19 which spreads very fastly, and Now it spreads in more than 200 countries for which the government does many things to reduce or to break the chain of Coronavirus which has a scientific name “Covid-19. Government do lockdown mainly till 14th April which probably be extended and apart from that government provides an application named “Aarogya setu” which helps you to know your nearby coronavirus availability by turning on GPS, Bluetooth, last 30 days history. And also let you know the correct treatment for the coronavirus patient. This application is available in 11 different languages. It is mainly coronavirus tracking which helps us to avoid rapid spreading of it. This application is available for both Android and iOS.

So, if you guys are here then, you may want to know something about Aarogya setu app. So, today we will teach you about “How to download and install the Aarogya setu app on your device”.


  • Write correct information in Aarogya setu app.
  • Perform the following steps carefully.
  • The application should be compatible with android 6 version and above.

How can you setup Aarogya setu application?

To set up the Aarogya setu application, you have first to download it on your device. As we above told Aarogya setu application is available for both Android and iOS devices.

You can download the Aarogya setu application by tapping on the links below.

You can also download this app by scanning the QR code given below

So, after downloading and installing the Aarogya setu app, you can setup it by using the following steps –

  1. Open the Aarogya setu app.
  2. Then, select the language and click on next.
  3. After that, click on the “Register Now” option.
  4. Allow all permissions and click on “agree” to the terms and conditions window.
  5. Now, Enter your mobile number now and it will automatically verify you through the OTP sent to your mobile number.
  6. Then, fill your details like Name, age, profession, travel history (last 30 days).
  7. Now, tick the option “Ready to volunteer in time of need” and click on the “Submit” button. (Also have skip option)
  8. Then, you can do your self-assessment by click on the self-assessment test. Covid-19 safety and Help centres.

How to use Aarogya setu app?

Through Aarogya setu app you can do the following things –

  • Self-assessment test.
  • Help centres contact.
  • Precautions against Covid-19.
  • Do’s and Don’t (During this situation).

How does Aarogya setu app work?

Well, there is no hard and fast in the working of this app. It mainly works based on your location, Necessary Information, 30 days of travel history. It is just same as google maps like google maps allow you to know where traffic is more or less.

From the above paragraph, it concludes that Aarogya setu app works on –

  • GPS location
  • Thirty days of travel history.
  • Necessary Information asked by app.

Why can I not install Arogya setup app on my device?

As we above told that the government of India announced this app only for those who have android six or above latest version. To install Aarogya setu app on your device, make sure your device has android 6 version or above. But, Not to worry they are working on the app to provide it for below android 6 version phones.

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Hopefully, We assume that this article remains informative for you, and You have successfully known about “How to download and install Aarogya setu app”. Thanks for being with us, share your more valuable feedback and opinion If any query let us know in the comment section down below.

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