Microsoft released the most recent SwiftKey update, which includes copy and paste functionality, but it is currently only available on Windows 10 or later. Where it allows you to copy and paste between your Android and Windows PCs, For this, you require an Android device with Swift Key installed and a Windows 10 or newer device.

How to use Microsoft SwiftKey to copy and paste text between Android and Windows

By enabling the sync, you can feature Microsoft SwiftKey’s Cloud Clipboard between Android and Windows.

How to enable the copy and paste feature of SwiftKey on Android

Check that you are logged in with your Microsoft Account that you use on Windows.

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard
class="appicon"> Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard
Developer: SwiftKey
Price: Free
  • Open the Swift Keyboard Settings on your device.
  • Head over to Rich input and then go to Clipboard. Next,
  • Tap on Sync Clipboard history.
  • From there, toggle the clipboard history functionality to turn on this feature.

How to Enable the Copy and Paste Feature from Android on PC

  • Navigate to the Windows Settings menu.
  • Go to Clipboard to get started.
  • Click on Clipboard history.
  • After that, toggle the “sync across your devices.”
  • That’s it!

Once you complete the setup, you can copy and paste text from your Android device to your Windows PC and vice versa.

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