One of the Tech Giant ‘Microsoft’ has rolled out a major update to Windows 11 called Windows 11 22H2.
However, the hardware requirements for the new update were similar to the previous version. Even so,
Microsoft Quitely released a registry feature that lets you check compatibility with the forthcoming
update and get away from In-compatibility issues.

But, When Microsoft launched the new operating system and confirmed the changes to the hardware
requirements, some concerns were being raised about In-compatibility issues. Luckily the registry
feature is now available. But, Users are unable to use that feature. So, with this guide, we will help you
to understand that feature.

How to Check Your PC Compatibility Status In Windows 11 22H2

Windows 11 is one of the major operating system updates in the last few years. But since the release of
the new windows update, Microsoft Confirmed hardware changes in it. For that reason, some users
raised In-compatibility issues over it. In such a case, Microsoft Silently released a registry feature
through which users can check the compatability status of their PC.

Although, There are numerous PC Health Check-Up tools available for compatibility checking. But it
cannot be considered a straight and reliable way for compatibility status. Alongside, the developers are
ready to announce their next update soon. For so, they released registry features to check compatibility
and always get away from different In-compatibility concerns.

But, the issue arose that users are unable to use that newly added registry feature. For so, below we
have shared some instructions, to help you in checking PC hardware compatibility through the registry

  1. First, press Windows Key and R Key on your keyboard.
  2. Search for ‘regedit’ and Press Enter.
  3. Next, Open the Foremost result from it.
  4. Now, Jump to the below-given path –
  5. Then, Check the DestBuildNum must be 22621.
  6. Next, Check UpEx and UpExU must be green.
  7. That’s it, Your PC is Compatible with Windows 11 22H2.

However, it can be possible that your Pc is not compatible with the coming Windows 11 version. For so,
there is a RedReason option under the registry window explaining the reason why your PC is
Incompatible. So that, You can upgrade your PC and enjoy the exciting features of Windows 11 22H2.

Conclusively, A better and more reliable way too far away from In-compatibility issues. As this feature is
officially derived by Microsoft. So, we can easily trust this newly announced registry feature. Alongside,
we have explained the complete steps for using the registry editor. Even that, if any user has a query
with the same, then comment down all of them.