For the last few weeks, Microsoft is very active and serious about their coming Windows 11 22H2
Update. According to the recent tweaks, Microsoft added some improvements to the windows along
with some new features. But, if you have noticed earlier Windows 11 requires a Microsoft account for
home Installation.

Moreover, You also need an internet connection before even booting the desktop. However, there are
some tricks to Skip the mandatory Sign-In. But, With Rufus 3.19 version, You can bye-pass that Signing
procedure. For so, below we have shared a complete guide explaining steps to bye-pass that mandatory
process.

How to bypass Windows 11 Microsoft account

With Windows 11, there are a lot of new additions going to be seen in the October month of this year.
As Microsoft is working on it to improve it as much as possible. However, Windows 11 22H2 require a
Microsoft account to sign in. But, the Windows Rufus 3.19 version allowed users to install Windows 11
without any Microsoft account.

For bypassing Windows 11 Microsoft account, there is a major option to do. It includes OOBE with the
command prompt. Certainly, we will create a Microsoft account during the step and then create a local
account after the setup ended. So, This is the major secret to bypassing that mandatory signing

Using the OOBE Bypass method is a more convenient and easy procedure than any normal user can do.
As it requires only a few steps for skipping the Microsoft account requirement. So, without waiting any
more let’s Get Started.

Note: Before starting with the below steps, Make sure to disable internet connectivity with your PC. Also,
confirm your PC should display the “Let Connect to your a network” screen.

  1. Simply, press SHIFT + F10 On your Keyboard.
  2. Then, Command Prompt will open on your desktop.
  3.  Next, Type OOBE\BYPASSNRO and Press enter.
  4. Following this, You will see the “Let’s connect you to a network” screen”.
  5. Now, Select the “I don’t have Internet” Option.
  6. Then, Click on “Continue with limited setup”.
  7. Next, create a local account and Follow-On the screen Instructions.
  8. That’s it, You’re done with Bypassing Windows 11 Microsoft Account Requirement.

Furthermore, If you do not want to create a Microsoft account for Windows 11. Then, follow the steps
as soon as possible. Because, After the arrival of Windows 22H2, these bypass tricks will not work and
you need to go through that hustling Signing Procedure. So, It would be your preference to use a local
account or Microsoft.