Apple iPhones always create hype when there is a variant or special colour release. I agree Apple provides consistency, no other company can match it. Whether you look at their privacy features, cameras or ecosystem, all are dominant in the industry. One thing that always feels down is the lack of an SD card slot. Because memory is a major thing a phone should have a sufficient amount.

However, iPhones have variants with different memory requirements, so buying a high-memory-supported variant may not be suitable for every pocket. For this, Apple gave the option of purchasing more storage via iCloud (Apple’s cloud server). As a new Apple users, many users do not know how to order. In this case, we will provide the complete guide along with the complete information.

How to buy more storage for your iPhone

Most iPhones today come with a 64GB base version, but we know you get about 50GB of storage based on your usage. And if you decide to pay for extra time, there is a significant reason behind it. The majority of people buy more storage for privacy reasons, backups, accessing files, and running out of space. But for these reasons you prefer not to buy extra memory without analysis.

To make the deal worth it you should consider a few things that will have a huge effect on your decision to buy more storage. I agree that as a newbie it seems hard to decide. For this reason, we thought a lot and find before buying more storage you should. Consider Your Storage needs, Cost, Cloud Storage limits, Available Space and Alternatives. Once you have chosen your final option, grab the deal. But if you don’t know how to make a purchase, follow these steps.

  1. Simply, open Settings on your iPhone.
  2.  Tap on your profile picture there.
  3.  Select iCloud >> Manage account storage
  4.  Next tap buy more storage/change storage plan
  5.  After that, choose a plan and follow the on-screen instructions to pay for it.
  6.  That’s it, you are done.

In any case, you think that iCloud charging you for extra storage is not pocket friendly to you. Then you can less depend on it. All you need to do is manage storage space. I agree it may be challenging for you but a small effort can save you money and make the iCloud deal worth it. We thought from different perspectives and came up with a few tips to avoid buying extra storage space.

Delete unnecessary apps: Find out which applications you rarely use. Once you get them, uninstall them as irrelevant they are filling your device space.

Delete Old Photos and Videos: Similarly, photos and videos that are too old or you don’t want on your iPhone. Simply delete them otherwise they will take up unnecessary space.

Offload Unused Apps: If you want to delete any unused app but don’t want to delete its saved data. You can save your iPhone space without compromising your needs by offloading it. To offload an app, go to settings >> General >> iPhone Storage >> Select the App >> Tap offload app.

Use Cloud Storage: To avoid memory overload, try to save your important files on free cloud storage services. Like the iPhone, you get 1GB of free cloud space.

The conversion of videos to lower quality: I agree that high-definition videos are standard for any video. But if you can view it at an acceptable quality, then convert it.

Disable Auto downloads: WhatsApp/Telegram are social networking apps that automatically download irrelevant media and cause storage full issues. Disable auto downloads on such apps to prevent such things from happening. So you can download relevant files on your iPhone and save storage. To do that, open WhatsApp/Telegram and select settings >> storage & media >> disable auto media downloads.

Reduce the number of email accounts: You mustn’t use more than one email account since the iPhone will take up more storage space. So avoid irrelevant email accounts and remove them from your iPhone to save storage.

Conclusively, these are the things we discussed buying extra space for an iPhone. Along with that, we explained the factors to consider when buying extra space. In any case, if someone does not wish to pay such an extra space fee. Therefore, such users can avoid the need to overhaul their memory by using the tips mentioned above. Even though, if any user has a query with the same, you can ask them all below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the difference between device storage and cloud storage

Ans. On-device storage is the data stored on a device that can be accessible from that device only. Whereas, Cloud storage is storage on a specific server that can be accessed from anywhere.

Q2. Is 128GB enough for iPhone depending on your specific need and usage?

Ans. An iPhone with 128GB is mainly observed for basic use where you can store limited songs, pictures and videos. However, it depends on you how you are utilizing its memory.

Q3.Why can’t I buy more storage on iPhone?

Ans. Maybe there is an issue with the iCloud account. For this, log out and log in again to fix it.

Q4.What exactly is “other” in iPhone storage?

Ans. This section contains all your device cache, preferences, saved messages and memos.

Q5. How can I avoid paying for more storage on iPhone?

Ans. You can try all the tips for saving memory about tips mentioned above.