Microsoft is the default browser of Windows 10. Microsoft Edge is the best browser for shopping. You can save time and money online with the built-in tools in Microsoft Edge. Out of all those available browser applications for Windows 10, Chrome, Firefox, and the new Edge browser stand out above the rest. Today, We are going to share “How to Activate the Hidden Performance Mode in Microsoft Edge.”

What is Performance Mode in Microsoft Edge?

Microsoft has just been updated with a new Performance mode, which is supposed to boost the system performance by using less memory, processor, and battery. Performance improvements may vary according to your individual specifications and browsing habits.

Today we are going to share a little bit of knowledge about “How to Activate the Hidden Performance Mode in Microsoft Edge.” So, follow All steps to Activate the Hidden Performance Mode in Microsoft Edge.

to Enable Hidden Performance Mode in Microsoft Edge

Download the Edge Canary browser and follow the simple steps below to enable Performance Mode.

  1. First of all, you need to visit the Edge Canary webpage in your web browser to download the build.
  2. Install the web browser on your device once it has been downloaded.
  3. Install Edge Canary, then right-click on the icon and select Properties.
  4. In the shortcut layout, select the Target tab, and in the script, you need to enter the following string at the end: –enable-features=msPerformanceModeToggle.
  5. After doing so, click on Apply and then on Ok. The Edge Canary web browser will now launch.
  6. On the following screenshot, click the three dots and select Setting.
    aActivate the Hidden Performance Mode
  7. You will find the ‘System’ tab on the left pane.
  8. Choose Optimize Performance from the right pane.
  9. Make the Performance Mode option always on in the drop-down.
  10. That’s it! Windows Edge will now leverage specific system configurations to optimize system performance as you browse.

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