Apple recently releases its AirTag, Which you can use to attach with any accessories like key, wallet, bag or what you want to add. It offers a precision finding with the help of Bluetooth utilizing the U1 Chipset on iPhone 11 and iPhone 12. It helps you to find the accessories, Which is attached using AirTag.

If you wonder how you can put an AirTag in case, you lost your accessories, and Today we will be sharing a guide on how you can put an AirTag in Lost Mode quite seamlessly.

How to Put an AirTag in Lost Mode?

Before continuing, you should know that AirTag relies on Find My Network to check or locate the lost accessories. So without further ado, let’s check this out.

How to Mark an AirTag or any item as lost in Find My on iPhone

This feature is only available on iOS 14.5 or later, and your AirTag should be registered with Apple ID. Once you have done, you can use the Find My App and put an AirTag in Lost Mode.

How to turn on Lost Mode – AirTag for an item

  • Open Find My App on your device
  • Click on the item and then select the name
    • Name of the lost accessories.
  • Navigate to the Lost Mode and toggle to enable.
  • Follow the on-screen instruction
  • Enter Contact detail including Phone Number
    • So the person who finds your items can contact you.
  • You will receive a pop-up notification if someone finds your lost item
    • Item will be updated with the location in Find My.
  • Click on Activate.


  • Once you mark your items on AirTag as Lost mode, you can add a message alongside the phone number.
  • While the person who finds your item then receives the lost mode message with their supported device.

How to change phone number in Lost Mode Message

  • In any case, if you want to make changes to your lost mode message.
  • Launch Find My app on your device.
  • Select Items and then Click on the item (Name) of the lost accessories.
  • Navigate to lost mode and then enabled it.
  • Now, Edit the Contact Details accordingly.
  • Click on Save. That’s it.

How to disable Lost Mode for an item

Once you find the device, you should disable the lost mode for the lost accessories. Follow the following instruction mentioned down below.

  • Open Find My app
  • Click on the item and then select the Name of the Item.
  • Navigate to Lost mode and then click on enable.
  • Click on Turn off Lost Mode.
  • That’s it.

Hopefully, we believed that you have successfully enabled to AirTag in Lost mode. For further update, share with us in the comment section down below.