Samsung announced their Galaxy S23 series, and the device comes with an Android 13-based custom skin, One UI 5.1, out of the box. As per Samsung’s track record, the Galaxy S23 series will receive the Android 14 update by the end of 2021 before Google makes it available.

It was evident that the device would receive the latest Android update, but how many major Android updates will it acquire? This is especially important for many smartphone users who need to upgrade their devices more frequently. Therefore, in this article, we will be sharing how many firmware updates the Galaxy S23 Series will receive.

Samsung is leading the software update game better than Google itself

The only difference that Samsung makes over its competitors is software updates; apart from its well-refined and feature-rich software, it is also essential to how many software updates its devices will receive. Because of Samsung, other smartphone OEMs have updated their software update policies. Samsung’s Galaxy S23 will receive four major Android updates, which means it will go up to Android 17. So, if you buy the Galaxy S23 series, you are well-secured until 2026 and will have the best Samsung OneUI experience.

That is not all; after 2026, your device will continue to receive security updates, as Samsung promises to provide security updates up to five years after its launch. Samsung will continue to support its Samsung Galaxy S23 series until 2028. This year, the Samsung Galaxy S23 series comes with OneUI 5.1 with significant improvements in the departments of the camera, gallery, AR zones, widgets, modes, routines, Samsung Dex, connectivity features, and better integration with Windows computers thanks to their partnership with Microsoft.

Without a doubt, Samsung’s latest Galaxy S23 is the type of smartphone that not only outperforms the Apple A16 Bionic in terms of performance (the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 outperforms the Apple A7) but has also recently become the market leader.