For better communication, Google developed an extensive arsenal tool called Google Translate. It lets the user translate any language into the available ones. Parent company Alphabet always adds new languages to the free platform. As of now, Google Translate Supports up to 133 Languages over it.

Moreover, The tool gets more popular when it is tied with Google Lens, Gboard, and Google Search. Additionally, You can do the same on any cheapest android smartphone. Even with such recognition, some users are unaware of Google Translate’s Accessibility. For that purpose, we will discuss the full details of Google Translate.

How many languages are now available on Google Translate?

As a highly recognized translator, Everyone has a question about how many languages in google translate. According to Alphabet’s Statement, the tool considers 133 languages to translate.

Also, this figure will surely increase in the future period. With Google translate, you get Italian, Arabic, Chinese, and different languages mentioned on their web page.How many languages are now available on Google Translate?

How to translate language in google?

The developers have developed a mobile app for both platforms. Also, they developed a special API for website extension. Meanwhile, you can translate any language through their mobile app or the website. Even though, if you have any issues, follow the instructions below to learn more about them.

  • Simply, Open your web browser.
  • Visit Google Translate
  • Now, You will see two tabs – Text and Websites.
  • Choose your wanted tab for the translation source.
  • Next, select the language to which you want to translate.
  • That’s it, and Your detected language will be translated at the moment.

How to Change Google Translate Language?

As there is numerous language support over their translation tool. Many times users need to change their language. But, due to lack of information, they cannot do so. Luckily, we are doing the same research and have some valuable instructions to change such a language. 

  • Firstly, Open Google Chrome on your browser.
  • Next, click on More Settings << Advanced Settings.
  • Then, Click on the Language option.
  • Following this, A list of available languages will display.
  • Now, Select your wanted language and restart Chrome.
  • That’s it, and You’re done with changing Google Translate Language.

How to add a new language to Google translate?

Try Google products such as Chrome and more if you find a new language. Google Translate has 133 languages. So that you can experience each of those languages by adding them; however, These are officially mentioned on Google Support Page. But, Some users are unable to add such language. For this reason, below are some steps to add a new language to Google Translate.

  • Begin with Opening Google Chrome on your PC.
  • Then, Click on More Settings << Advanced Settings.
  • Now, Click on the Languages option.
  • Next, You will see an add more language button along with the language list.
  • Click on that option and add your desired language and restart your browser.
  • That’s it, and You have successfully added a new language to Google Translate.

Conclusively, Google Translate is an intensive tool for becoming more productive. It can experience the same content in 133 different languages. Additionally, we have brought all the required aspects with this guide. Even though, if any users still have issues, feel free to ask them in the comment section below.