Recently, Honor the sub-brand of Huawei has launched a new series called Honor 30 series, In which it included Honor 30 Pro and Honor 30 pro+. Honor is basically catered to the young age group of the smartphone. As they launched Honor 30 series which is powered by Homegrown Kirin 990 chipsets which are 5G Supportable while, the normal Honor 30 is powered by the Kirin 985 5G chipset. All the devices are meaningly Quad camera setup which is helpful for the users who are photography lovers. Although All the OEM’s are not able to do extreme performance of pixel devices by Google. So, basically, we will tell you the way in simple steps to download and install Gcam for this Honor 30 series.


So, if you are here, then you may want to know something about Gcam. So, today we will tell you about “How can we Download and Install Google Camera for Honor 30 Series [ Honor 30 Pro and Pro+]”.


  • Use the link below to download the google camera for Honor 30 series.
  • Use these steps carefully, In the manner as they are given.
  • Uninstall the Gcam app if you have previously installed.

How can we download and Install Google Camera for Honor 30 Series?

First, make sure that you have uninstalled the Google camera app if you have previously installed because if you can’t do that. Then, it may cause some installation errors. It is not much hard to download Gcam on your Honor 30 series but many users getting problems for which We are giving you two link address through which you can download Google camera on your Honor device. But, Download that version of Gcam which is compatible with your device. And Download these files as an third party because these are apk files of Gcam app.

Here are the steps which are to be followed to Download and Install Gcam on your Honor device –

  1. First, open your phone’s Web browser.
  2. Then, Head to the given links.

Version- 1

Download Apk

Version – 2


NOTE – You can use any of the given links.

  1. Then, Download the Gcam apk from the above links.
  2. Now, Install the apk file same as a third-party app.
  3. After installation, launch the Gcam app.

How can you setup Gcam on your Honor 30 series?

After installation, it is very difficult for some users to set up Gcam on their Honor 30 series phone. But, Do not worry about it because we will tell you some setting which helps you to enhance your camera quality and Run the Gcam on your device.

So, Below are some of the in-app settings that you need to d in order to get optimum results out of the GCam port on your Honor 30 series. So, these settings are –

  1. After opening the Gcam app, Go to more option.
  2. Then, open camera settings.
  3. After it, open BSG MOD settings—Input Model.
  4. Then, Change interface style to Pixel 2.
  5. Now, change the configuration to PIXEL2018 ZSLR HDR+
  6. Then, Go back and Enable google photos
    • Enable HDR+ Enhanced in Portrait mode.
    • Disable Zoom ( Preferably)
  7. Then, Set Highlight saturation to 1.8 And Shadow saturation to 2.4 ( Back camera).
  8. Now, Restart the app and Hence, you are all set to use Gcam on your Honor 30 series.

Hopefully, We assume that this article remains informative for you, and You have successfully known about “How can we Download and Install Google Camera for Honor 30 Series [ Honor 30 Pro and Pro+]”. Thanks for being with us, share your more valuable feedback and opinion If any query let us know in the comment section down below.