Apple releases a public beta update for its Smart Speaker for the first time, HomePod, bringing significant improvements. Anyone with Mac and iOS users can try the preview with little effort. In the past, Apple used to test among the selected group of Beta testers for the beta.

The company didn’t announce any additional features coming to HomePod along with iOS 16; the stable update is expected to arrive this fall. Now, you can only install the HomePod Software 16 Public Beta on HomePod Mini, and 2018’s HomePod didn’t receive any words.

Apple didn’t release a patch note, but the report suggested HomePods v16 will support “Matter Protocol” for home automation devices. Apple announced iPad will no longer support HomeKit Hub for those users who have enabled Matter accessories.

How to Install HomePod Software 16 Update on your HomePods

An update will be pushed through AppleSeed Program; your iPhone or iPad should run iOS 16. By signed in, Enroll your Device from the HomePod Software Beta ist.

  • Open Home App on your iPad or iPhone.
  • From the upper-right corner, Tap on the Ellipsis icon (triple-dot menu) to open Home Settings.
    How to Install the HomePod Public Beta Software 16
    Courtesy: MacRumors
  • Head over to Software update, and then tap on HomePod Beta update.
  • From there, Toggle to switch HomePod if you want a Public Beta update.
    How to download and install the HomePod Software 16 public beta
    Courtesy: Apple

Once you finish setting up the Beta update for your HomePod, Your device will receive the update automatically. It will install the latest version in the background.

Apple continuously updates its HomePod and HomePod Mini Smart Speaker via Over-the-air Software updates. Once the stable update arrives, it will automatically download an update. Not to mention, this beta update may have serious bugs or issues.

You can report if you encounter any problem through the Apple Feedback assistant app, else you can restore your HomePod Mini to its Factory settings through USB-C connecting to Mac or PC,