Google has surprisingly good parental controls on its apps, and is now updating the Google Play’s restrictions on purchases. The company is adding a new feature where children can now send purchase requests to their guardians through the family payment method.

This means that children can request to purchase apps or make in-app purchases if the family has not set up a payment method on their phone. Once the family receives the request for payment approval through a notification or in their request queue, they can approve it.

Google Play has updated its feature to allow children to send purchase requests to their guardians for app purchases.

Parents can approve any payment with their choice of payment method, which could include a Google Play Gift Card for making a purchase. The manager of the family account can view requests under the pending and history tabs. To use this functionality, parents need to have full control over their child’s purchases and family spending.

Guardians can review all of the apps and in-app purchases that their children have interacted with, and if they think it could be harmful or should a voice of caution, they can decline the payment request. Google has been putting a lot of effort into making the platform secure for children and parents by implementing these parental features to give guardians peace of mind.

This year in October, Google rolled out the redesigned Family Link app with more functionality, focusing on areas such as controls and location, as well as additional features in a web version. In addition, the company has updated its policy for the Google Play Store and added a new “Kids certified” app sticker on the store.