Every year, Google updates its budget A-line of smartphones. A Google smartphone with a budget-friendly price tag offers an excellent camera experience. Many people like the devices, especially those who are enthusiastic about Google’s image processing. Many users are attracted to the brand because of its standalone image processing. However, specifications for the successor to the Google Pixel 6a have now leaked, indicating that it is already in the works.

Twitter tipster Wojciechowski claims the camera arrangement for the Lynx is called “Pixel 22 Mid-range,” instead of “Pixel 22 Premium” for the Pixel 7/Pro. In addition, the developer discovered the 50MP Samsung GN1 sensor on the camera configuration for the smartphone dubbed Lynx (most likely the Pixel 7a) has been removed. According to Kuba, the 50MP sensor was used to evaluate the two new sensors used in the midranger.

As a result, Lynx’s two image sensors are now referred to as the “L10 wide” (IMX787) and the “L10 UW” (IMX712). The Pixel 7a will have two cameras on the back, one wide and one ultra-wide. The article does not mention telephoto lenses, Wojciechowski observes. According to him, the 7a should be an even better mid-range camera option with the IMX787 over the IMX363.

Furthermore, Samsung will supply the 1080p panel with a 90Hz refresh rate. For comparison, the Pixel 6a has a refresh rate of 60Hz. In addition to the WCN6740 Qualcomm Wi-Fi Bluetooth chip, the Lynx (Pixel 7a) will also be the first Google Tensor-powered smartphone.