Despite both browsers being powered by Chromium, Google and Microsoft are competing against each other to dominate and capture the most significant browser market. Recently, we have heard about Microsoft’s concept for a multitasking feature.

Now, we have a working multitasking feature in Chrome, which is currently in alpha testing. Windows Central recently reported that the Edge web browser is working on its major visual overhaul, which could come with a split-screen interface.

This feature is helpful since it gives users more productivity while using fewer resources. If we open two browsers and put them into multitasking, it will consume more power and be resource-hungry. However, with the native multitasking feature baked into the browser itself, it will give users more productivity.

On the other hand, Apple is still struggling with the multitasking feature in its operating system, and the company is continuing to implement multi-window support on the iPad. Therefore, we have already heard about another new web browser called Arc, which is actively getting better than its competition.

The split-screen feature and the use-case scenarios are helpful as well. As for the split-screen view in Chrome, it doesn’t look as good as the content image in Microsoft Edge, but keep in mind that that was a concept and part of the plans for the visual overhaul.

If you want to try the split-screen, you can download and install Google Chrome Canary from their website. However, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and the Arc we have mentioned in this article are all powered by Chromium. Of course, the codes and things will end up in the Chromium code, so it could open up more possibilities with Chrome.

Google has also been working on different things, and it could take some time before Google makes the split-screen feature into the stable version of Chrome. Some examples include Tab Group and Memory Saver. Thanks for being with us. We would like to know your valuable opinions and feedback. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section below.