Google has started rolling out a new feature to Google Contacts. This update includes a new feature: birthday notifications. This will send you notifications on the birthdays of your contacts. This will eliminate the use of any third-party Birthday Notify app or adding to calendar where most users do create an annual reminder on their Google Calendar app. With the latest update to Google Contacts, it will encourage users to add birthday information while saving the contacts. Last month, Google Contacts added individual and favorite contacts home screen widgets.

This feature will be available to all Android users. It is rolling out in phases, so it might take some time to get Google Contacts’ birthday notification on your device. Users will receive birthday notifications on the day of their contact’s birthday, and the birthday notifications will also include the contact’s name, birthday, and a link to their contact card, which can also be used to send the contact a birthday message or add them to your calendar. For this, Google has released a new UI for the Add Birthday option, which is more optimized and developed to be faster so that users can do mass data entry.

Google Contacts Rolls Out Birthday Reminder Feature for Android Users

To enable this feature, open the Highlights tab in Google Contacts under the “For You” section and then tap on the “Add Birthday” card. When you tap on “Add Birthdays,” it will show a list of all your contacts. From there, tap on the contact for which you want to add or modify the birthday. After adding the birthday info, the cake icon will appear, letting you know that those contacts have birthday information. This means a cake icon will appear next to contacts without birthdays. You can add a birthday by scrolling through months, days, and years and selecting the correct date. At this point, it is also unclear how to get back to this interface once you have removed the card.

Google Contacts for Android is rolling out a birthday notification feature to notify you when it's someone's birthday.

Users can also add the birthday when they add a new contact. To do this, tap the three-dot menu in the top-right corner of the screen and then select “Settings.” After which, scroll down and tap on “Birthday Notifications” and toggle to enable. Once the birthday notification is enabled, Google Contacts will send you a notification on the day of your contact’s birthday. Although users can also choose to receive notifications via email, text message, or push notifications.

The added birthday will also appear in Google Calendar, and it will provide helpful cues across Google services, including Gmail, using the same Google account. There is also an option to enable birthday notifications for individuals. This isn’t in beta and will be available to everyone soon. Once the feature is rolled out, you can add birthday notifications for an individual through the overflow menu (three-dot menu that appears in the top-right corner). Similar to what Facebook has been doing for years, this will make everyone happy by making it easier for users to make sure they never forget to wish their friends and family members a happy birthday. It is a more convenient way to keep track of all your contacts’ birthdays in one place.

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