Gcam users who want to use Google Camera to their full potential should download Google Camera. It is one of the most comprehensive camera applications available. What could be better than the ability to take RAW images with the Gcam port?   

This gives users more freedom with their images, and you can edit the majority of images are JPEG or RAW, which gives the perfect photo, but when it comes to data, things become complicated. Comes to data. JPEG doesn’t come with much, whereas RAW images save more data, allowing better editing.   

Likewise, RAW images are much larger than other file formats because of the amount of data stored in RAW images. This allows you to adjust things more precisely since it has more data to adjust; with the right adjustment, you will have a great shot. Simply export it to photo editing software or an app to fine-tune it.   

How to capture RAW photos  

For this, first, you need to enable the RAW + JPEG option within Google Camera settings. (Image Courtesy: 9TO5Google)   

How to Capture RAW Photos on Google Camera   
  • Open Gcam on your device and tap on the camera settings in the screen’s top-left corner.  
  •  After that, tap on More settings to open Advance Settings.   
  • Scroll down to find Advance. Open it, and in the advanced option, you have RAW + JPEG Control.   
How to Capture RAW Photos on Google Camera   
  • Toggle to enable it, and then go back to the Google Camera Screen.  
  • Once again, open Settings, and now you will have the RAW option to choose from.   
  •  Enable by choosing RAW + JPEG on the screen.   

You can capture pictures by clicking the shutter button. You can find all your RAW images in your Gallery or Google Photos under the name Raw.   

In a way, this feature is similar to Samsung Expert RAW, which is also used to capture RAW images on Samsung devices. In both cases, you can export your images to your choice of editing software.

Adobe Lightroom is one of the most efficient apps to use on mobile phones to tweak images.   You can also edit your RAW images in Google Photos. Simply import the image and begin editing.