We all know that using the wide range of Google services is beneficial but not always. If you know that Google overlooks activities that you did on its products. They use such data to know the user interest and make their product more useful to individual interests. However, This thing is fine when the user has a personal device.

But, what comes to the users who have shared devices or mistakenly left their PC unlocked? The other person can easily look at the activities you have done. For so, now Google pushed a password protection feature that prompts a password verification whenever another user strives to see your activities. So, below we will look at that and learn more about it.

How to password protect Google activity history?

In daily life, we use numerous google services, such as Gmail, Google news, and many others. Currently, there is almost everything a decent user wants on their Gadget. If we want a simplified call app, then Google Call App is available. Likewise, To mail someone, there is Gmail. 

How to password protect Google activity history?

More likely, Google is expanding every required need of users. But, there is no option to password protect your google activity history. Now, Fortunately, Google realized and added a verification phase after that other users can see your activity history. We know using such a new feature can be a hustle for you. So, below are some steps to protect your Google activity history.

  • Firstly, visit Google My Activity Page.
  • Look for the “manage my activity verification” link below.
  • Following this, A dialogue box will open, asking for two choices.
  • Select “Require extra verification” and Click on Save.
  • Once done, Enter your Google account password and log in.
  • That’s it, and Your Google activity history is now password protected.

After doing the above steps, no one can see your Google activity history. You also can’t see it until you tap the verify button on the My activity page. Further, Verify yourself by entering your Google account password. Following this, All your Google account activity history will be displayed.

Collectively, Password Protect Your Google Activity history is nothing new but a concept that adds verification. The person who knows that respective Google account password can see such activities. Otherwise, anyone can see unless he knows the Google account password.