Suppose you have purchased the game from GOG, one of the best markets to buy old and classic games. Somehow you are not happy with the purchase with GOG and want to refund for the game. Before proceeding, you need to ensure that you can only refund any product you purchased from GOG within 30 Days of purchase. So if you wonder how you can request, then follow the following instruction mentioned down below.

GOG Refund Policy

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They have a far-better policy compare to other Games Store including Steam and Epic. First thing first, you need to have 30-days after the purchase to ask for a refund. Additionally, it also covers the Pre-Order Games and no-limit for the refund request.


best thing is that GOG will not ask any-quest if you don’t link; you can share your valuable opinion and feedback.

Request Refund to GOG

  • Open GOG. Ensure that you have login with your GOG account.
  • After that, head over to your Orders & Settings from the top menu bar.
  • There you will found Order History and hover to your game which you want to return. In case it is not visible, the period for the game to refund is expired.
  • Now, There share your opinion on why you want your refund and then submit, It takes 24hours to process, and payment is expected to be refunded within 30 Days.
  • Click on Submit. That’s it

You will receive the recipient on your mail for your refund request alongside other details. Hopefully, this article remains helpful for you and has successfully allowed you to refund GOG Game Purchase. Share your valuable opinion and feedback; if there is any query, share with us in the comment section below.