PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular battle royal games, where they have introduced character vouchers to purchase in-game characters. So if you are wondering how you can get a free PUBG Mobile Character then today with this article you can get some free PUBG Mobile Character.

PUBG Universe is still at the beginning, where other popular titles like Call Of Duty have established popular characters such as Ghost, Prince and more. Meanwhile, PUBG Universe continues to expand with characters such as Victor, Sara, Carlo and Andy. So without further ado, let’s check it out.

How to unlock Victor in PUBG Mobile

There are no purchase criteria for this character, it has the special ability as an SMG expert but it is limited to TDM matches can’t be

used in Battlegrounds.

  • Launch PUBG Mobile and head over to Workshop
  • Choose the character ‘Victor’ and then tap on “Get For Free.”
  • That’s it!

This is how you can equip the character to play, there is some special character that requires you to purchase to unlock.

How to Unlock Special Characters in PUBG Mobile

There are four different PUBG Mobile Character, which includes Andy, Carlo and Sara. You are required to purchase them through the in-game store. Check out the following list alongside the cost of the character mentioned down below.

  • Andy – Price: 1,200 UC/Character Vouchers
  • Carlo – Price: 1200 UC/Character Vouchers
  • Sara – Price: 600 UC/Character Voucher

This is how you have to spend cash, through which you have to purchase UC (Unknown Cash) or you can either collect Character Voucher. This means if you can collect this much card to purchase your favourite PUBG Mobile Character.

Get Free Character Voucher in PUBG Mobile for Special Characters

PUBG made it possible to get Special Character without spending money, for this, you need to play the game heavily. Here is how you can get a free character voucher on PUBG mobile to collect Special Characters.

Complete Events

PUBG Mobile host a lot of different in-game events, there you will find several events through which you can collect some character voucher.

Be Active

Regarding the calendar event, if you log in to the game once a day you can easily get a character voucher. Keep an even over Event calendar and Events to get such a Character Voucher.

Hopefully, we believe that this article remains helpful for you and have successfully been able to get some Character Vouchers and have unlocked special characters for free. If there is any query, share with us the comment section down below.