Google continues to improve its board. There are a lot of interesting features that users can use. One of the features is called Emoji Stickers, which users can use on any app that supports stickers, like WhatsApp. Custom Emoji Stickers are highly customisable; you can create your sticker using a selfie to make it more personal.

Create emojis that look exactly like you on Gboard. Google has rapidly improved its Gboard. Now, Google has introduced AI-powered mini stickers that allow you to generate emojis that resemble your selfie. This is made possible through machine learning, neural networking, and artist illustrations.

GBoard Custom Emoji Stickers

There have been many improvements throughout the years that make this feature more personal with customised emojis. However, some pre-packaged stickers called Minis come with the GBoard, which you can use.

Mini stickers

Previously, Gboard only had pre-designed stickers and emojis that used facial features in the emojis. Furthermore, there are some new customised looks that you can get just right. This Mimi feature is quite similar to Bitmoji-like avatars and includes an option that allows a person to send an image.

After choosing the Mimis category, you can start using the selfie camera, which then uses AI, ML, and the neural network of the camera lens to understand your facial pattern. Before proceeding, there is one more thing to know: Google initially launched this for Google’s messaging app, Allo Chat.

These emoji stickers will look exactly like you. You can also customise them by adding facial expressions, shaping the face, choosing a hairstyle, selecting clothing and accessories, and adjusting the skin tone. These stickers will appear in the sticker section of Gboard and can be used in all supported sticker apps. The “Emoji” Minis stickers are now available globally for Android and iOS. Additionally, iOS 12 introduced MeMoji, which allows users to create 3D animated image faces. However, this feature is only available on iPhones and newer devices.

How to use the Gboard Custom Emoji Sticker

It is available for Android and iOS. The feature is quite similar to Bitmoji, Memojis, and other generic stickers, as it allows you to create sticker styles based on your personalised avatar with a bold or sweet model.

  • Open Gboard on your mobile device.
  • Tap on a sticker, and then pre-made stickers appear on the top banner screen that says “Your Minis.”
  • Tap on it, and it will open the selfie shooter. You have to place your face between the colourful squares.
  • Next, it will start processing. It will generate some sample stickers; then, you can choose your preferred one or customise it.
  • If you customise, you can adjust the head shape, eyes, nose, skin colour, and hairstyle. This may take a few minutes to set up as your preferred one.

Once you have created a Gboard Custom Emoji Sticker, you can use it on apps like WhatsApp. Open Gboard, and from the Sticker section, choose which sticker you want to send to supported apps.

Once you are done with customisation, you can send them directly to your family and friends using your Gboard. You can also use Bitmoji alongside Google Emoji in Gboard for additional emojis. Simply set it up by downloading the application on your mobile device. The Bitmoji can be found on the left side of the Google Mini Sticker.

Mini stickers

Gboard has received many features, such as GIF creation, floating keyboards, and a clipboard manager. The speed of deleting words and other features uses machine learning algorithms and seems pretty accurate at mimicking features.

For the GBoard Mimi feature, the company uses machine learning, neural networks, and artist illustrations to create the best representation of you in various characters, such as your skin tone, hair colour, style, eye colour, face shape, and facial hair.

Additionally, suppose you don’t like your current AI-generated avatar illustration for your sticker. In that case, you can simply proceed with customising the face shape, eye colour, skin tone, and other features you may want to alter.