create emoji that look exactly like you on Gboard

Google rapidly improved GBoard, Now Google Introduced AI Powered mini Sticker. which allow you to generate Your Selfie into Emojis With the help of machine learning, Neural networking and artist illustrations.

These Emoji Stickers look exactly like you, Where you can also customize to add Facial expression, Shape of the Face, the Hairstyle, Clothing, accessories and adjust skin tone as well. These Sticker Will appear on the Sticker Section of Gboard, and Used in all supportive Sticker apps. The Minis “Emoji” Sticker finally available across the Global for Android and IOS. After IOS 12 featured MeMoji which also allow to Create 3D animated Images faces. however, Only iPhone and Newer Device are able to Create Them.

Mini stickers

Now, Let take a Look to create an Emoji Mini Sticker.

  • Open Gboard, click over Sticker and Click “Create” Bottom right Corner.
  • Fit your Face on Portrait Square to help Google detect it Properly.
  • Click a Selfie to Create a Personalized Emoji Template.
  • You will Get three templates to customize your Emoi. Adust your Hair, Beard and accessories. Click “Save Button” to create Emoji Mini Sticker.

Gboard - the Google Keyboard
Gboard - the Google Keyboard
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Once your Done With Customization, You can Send them Directly through your Gboard Wit your Family and Friends.

For More Additional Emoji you can also Use bitmoji Alongside With Google Emoji in Gboard. Simply Setup by Download application on your Mobile. The Bitmoji was on the Left Side of Google Mini Sticker.

Developer: Bitmoji
Price: Free


Let us Know What Did you think about New Gboard Personalized Sticker? Stay tuned for More Further Interesting How-to Article.