GBoard is a virtual keyboard developed by Google for Android smartphones and tablets. Recently, the company released an update with a split keyboard functionality, and now they are rolling out another new feature that allows users to resize the keyboard. This offers great flexibility and customization options for users to adapt the keyboard to their preference or device screen size.

The company is making it easier for Android tablets, and the resize shortcut is coming to GBoard on its upcoming toolbar or panel redesign. This feature will allow users to adjust the height of keys and keyboard panel by dragging up or down from the top or bottom edge of the GBoard keyboard. The new feature will make it easier to type on small screens or when you need more space on your screen for other apps.

The resize button will allow you to resize the layout/size by dragging up or down. It’s still in development, and it’s aimed to provide a more convenient and intuitive way to resize the GBoard keyboard on your Android device.

GBoard update brings new Resize Shortcut with upcoming toolbar/panel redesign.

The Resize for GBoard feature is still being worked on. It’s not clear when the redesigned overflow menu will be available, and only a few users can access it at the moment. Currently, the company doesn’t offer a way to resize Gboard from the toolbar. Instead, you need to adjust the height from the settings.

[Courtesy: 9TO5Google]

To do this, open GBoard settings and navigate to “Keyboard Height” under “Layout” in the “Preferences” section. From there, you can choose from seven different pre-defined heights to resize GBoard. Unfortunately, there’s no other way to adjust the height.

  • Extra-short
  • Short
  • Mid-short
  • Normal
  • Mid-tall
  • Tall
  • Extra-tall

The upcoming resize feature will let users easily adjust the size of Gboard directly from the keyboard toolbar. This means you can resize Gboard from the keyboard toolbar using the Resize shortcut. You will be able to access this feature by using the Resize Shortcut in the toolbar alongside Floating and Text Editing.

[Courtesy: 9TO5Google]

This gives you more control over adjusting the size of Gboard according to your personal preferences or device screen size. The new feature will make it easier to type on small screens when you need more space on the screen for other apps. With this update, Google is bringing the GBoard Resize shortcut and you can use it to resize the keyboard up the screen using the center button. This will create an empty space between the bottom edge and the system status bar.

A new feature is being tested in Gboard that allows you to resize the keyboard located in the redesigned toolbar/panel. You can resize the keyboard by dragging up or down from the top or bottom edge. This feature is similar to Samsung’s One-handed or Floating Keyboard option and floating mode, but with one key difference: you cannot adjust the width of the keyboard. This feature comes with Gboard build v13.0. The Resize UI is currently in development, and it’s easy and fast to change the height to your preference. Additionally, this version includes a feature for Tabletop mode for Foldable Smartphones like the Galaxy Z Fold 4.