In the emerging trend of gaming, gaming laptops are gaining more importance than the usual desktop PCs. However, it has been observed that desktop PCs are better than gaming laptops. Whereas, some gaming laptop users are totally satisfied with their decision. But, I need to find out which is the better of them. Today we are going to “Gaming Laptop V/s Desktop PC: Which is Better in 2022?”

Although both have their pros and cons, we have studied the need for both in real life. Also, here we will enlighten you on some parameters through which you can judge which one is better. Meanwhile, here we will discuss more: How to Choose: Gaming Laptop V/s Desktop PC-Which is Best in 2022!?

How to Choose: Gaming Laptop V/s Desktop PC-Which is Best in 2022!?


laptops are excellent, but in some ways, desktop PCs outperform them. However, we cannot say in a statement that gaming laptops are more favorable than desktop PCs. Instead of this, we need to make a brief analysis of different parameters. As a result, you will be able to decide which one is better practically. So, without further discussion, let’s take a look at the below-given parameters.


It is one of the very first factors that comes into play whenever any user tries to decide which one is better, a gaming laptop or a PC. But, this is not confusing because we all know that gaming laptops have better portability features than desktop computers. So, in terms of the portability factor, a gaming laptop is preferred.


The second most important factor in deciding to purchase a gaming laptop or desktop PC is its size. Also, it plays a vital role because performance judges the quality of equipment, which means how much your desktop PC or gaming laptop costs. However, modern gaming laptops have been introduced with more processors. But, when it comes to high-end processing, desktop PCs are preferred the most.

Hardware Enhancement

After being satisfied with the performance ability factor, the next factor is hardware enhancement or upgradation. Gaming laptops are coming with exciting hardware configurations. But still, some users want more power than the default one. Unfortunately, gaming laptops can not be upgraded to their full extent. Meanwhile, you can enhance its RAM and ROM but can’t do the same with the CPU and GPU. So, in the case of hardware enhancement, desktop PCs are preferred the most, as they are designed in such a way that you can upgrade all their hardware.

Own Customization

There are even some users who want to customize their system by themselves. Because of this, a gaming laptop can never be customized to the user’s own needs. Desktop PCs, on the other hand, are easily customizable. Because gaming laptops’ physical structures do not allow us to add our customization, but, you know, the desktop PC design, to which you can add a huge variety of modifications of your choice. So, based on your own customization, desktop PCs are preferred over gaming laptops.


Apart from mobility, performance, and personal customization, the last thing that comes to mind is pricing. Because it is the most important factor when deciding to purchase a gaming laptop or desktop PC, So, it has been observed that desktop PC’s are cheaper than gaming laptops. Because a desktop PC allows you to customize it. Meanwhile, it depends on how much you are investing in the customization of your PC. But, overall, the desktop PC proved cheaper as compared to gaming laptops.

Conclusively, after a brief analysis, we have found that desktop PCs are better than gaming laptops. Because almost every parameter states that a PC is more favorable as compared to a gaming laptop.

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Hopefully, we can now expect that you all have accurate content about How to Choose: Gaming Laptop V/s Desktop PC-Which is Best in 2022!? And, they are also well-known for the parameters used to decide which one is the best gaming laptop or desktop PC. With regards to this, if any user has any queries, please share them with us in the comment section below.