In the initial stage for gaming companies, enabling monetization plays a vital role. It serves as a foundation for a business that governs its status in the gaming industry. However, there are various types of games launched, and all this leads to tough competition for the developers to achieve monetization opportunities on their projects.

Furthermore, before the pandemic, everything was different. But, after the pandemic, the monetization process has evolved with a new perspective that includes various business models. So, in this article, we will mainly discuss more gaming insights in the aftermath of the COVID-19 Report.

Gaming Insight, Aftermath COVID-19 Report

In the above paragraphs, we have given you a short perspective on the monetization of games before and after the pandemic. In which the game-developing companies are now facing more challenges to getting their games monetized. whereas they are also working hard to get their project off to a good start in the gaming community.


this significant shift has occurred in the Asian Region. Also, the trusted sources revealed their view on the Asian gaming market. Concerning the source, we have analyzed the key facts regarding Asian Games Monetization. Interestingly, we found that among the many new gamers to reach, the market environment to consider and the many ways to monetize, “Choosing the right monetization model to succeed in Asia is not easy, but very important, especially in the aftermath of COVID-19.” That’s right.

Furthermore, in our third series of new insights into the Asian gaming market, researched with Nico Partners, we explore how monetization models are serving a diverse and growing user base in Asia. The certain aspect is that developers have to find out where specific models are performing well and why more developers are embracing hybrid solutions.

The most widely used monetization model in Asia

After the pandemic, gaming companies are facing very tough competition for their survival in the market. These companies use various business models, but for monetization they use a common model. Because you all know, as Asia’s gaming market develops and expands, new ways to monetize games are being introduced more widely. The most popular models fall into three categories: Free to Play (F2P), Premium, and Subscription.

If we talk specifically about mobile gaming, then the free-to-play (F2P) model is considered the most favorable and repetitive. Battlegrounds are one of the more recent and popular examples of free-to-play models. The best thing about the free-to-play model is that players have free access to most games. Revenue comes from downloadable content (DLC), in-game items, and advertisements.

Because downloadable content is a way of enhancing the video gaming experience for players by giving them access to exciting new content, which can range from purely aesthetic changes to upgrades to characters and items, In a 2019 survey of gamers, it was found that 62 per cent of gamers spent money on expansion packs to gain more content to enhance the original game.

According to the sources and market trends, there will be more gaming companies that can introduce their own self-format and monetization model. However, it depends on the market trends and other external factors. But, in reality, the Asian gaming market has earned a lot during the pandemic time. And, after the COVID-19, we are very fortunate that many of the gaming companies are expanding more, along with introducing several innovations.

Conclusively, we can say that the Asian gaming market is not just a field of rough competition. In particular, in the aftermath of COVID-19, it has become a boon for gaming enthusiasts to experience different types of gaming models promoted by different gaming companies to grow much more.

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