Google is working on a next-generation gaming experience, and Now, you can play the game from Google Search. It works with Google Stadia, Xbox Clod, Gaming, NVIDIA GeForce Now, and Amazon Luna. All cloud-game platforms can be added to enhance the user experience.

You can launch the game by searching the game title on Google Search; the play button to launch the game will appear on the right-side panel where the information about the game is displayed. Clicking on the play button will launch the game directly from Google Search.

We have seen a play button for the streaming platform, Where you can search for the Movie or show. Moreover, the Play button and platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu Disney+ have this functionality. To use this feature, you must log in to the Service and have the game to play, similar to when we use the Streaming platform.

Allowing the game to launch directly from the search results makes the experience smooth. Currently, most of the things are in development; if you own a Stadia game will be launched instantly; however, other platforms like Amazon Luna and Xbox Game Cloud will redirect you to the Store page. From that page, you can launch the game.

Google Search now shows which streaming services have specific games
Courtesy: 9To5Google

Not to mention, Since cloud gaming is also available on Mobile, it does expect to work quite imminent. Gaming for the next generation, With the help of Cloud-communication users, does not require enough hardware; rather than having Local harware, you need a Service to use this feature on your own. Slowly but gradually, Cloud gaming is reducing the latency and the loading screen while launching the game.