In 2019, Samsung updated the galaxy labs, launching a new version. In addition to performing various optimizations on the device, Samsung Galaxy Labs 2.0 Suite has already got some great features. The Good Lock 2.0 Suite will be optimized with this update in Galaxy Labs 2.0. As with the good lock, it provides modules that allow you to customize your Galaxy devices in a variety of ways. These include the recent menu, the notification panel and much more.

Sync, app booster, and storage cleaner are just some of the features that galaxy labs have to enhance the use of your devices. Also, in the current update of the app, thermal guardian and memory protector have been added to optimize the device’s performance. Android 11 is the basis for this update. You

can use these features to make the device last longer by optimizing your RAM usage. A lot more features have been added to the galaxy labs app version 2.0. I am going to discuss in detail all the new updates of galaxy labs in this article.

You can manage your device’s RAM with Memory Guardian’s help, and it provides you with a comprehensive overview of it. You can also remove the waste data from the device by using charts that provide full data.

Batteries Guardian, the next version, is a battery tracker that allows customers to monitor their battery life. To boost the performance of all apps, it optimizes them.
Using the One UI 13, the Thermal Guardian has been updated. CPU performance is controlled for the purpose of providing desired results. In order to restore deleted files, the File Guardian is used. External storage and internal storage of your device are both supported by this app. Your device’s apps will be optimized and the performance will be improved with the App Booster.

Memory Guardian explained in-depth

In the Galaxy Labs since 2019, a new Memory Guardian update has been released. It is also exciting to see how the device can be optimized using this feature. Your phone’s RAM will thus be able to be viewed as it determines what tasks are taking up the RAM.

As a result of its innovative design, Memory Guardian improves the management of fragmented memory on devices. The system provides the data usage for the past week in a chart that enhances memory capacity. You will be able to see information about cache, system memory, running, and a few others related to data usage.

Thus, Samsung Memory indirectly tries to show you how its device could best manage memory.

  • Guardian for batteries
  • Updates have been fewer than in the previous version. Some of the features it provides include;
  • Every app should be able to save power-apps.
  • Once your display isn’t in use, dim it quickly.
  • In the event of falling asleep, minimizes background activities and CPU usage.
  • All of these factors make the device more durable and significantly improve its life.
  • A thermos shield

Another feature that attracts users’ attention is the thermal Guardian. Temperature and performance are managed by this program. Through the graph or slider, the device will display throttle performance and tell you how to manage it.

It allows you to increase or decrease the temperature of the device by one or two degrees. The user will adjust it according to the performance of the CPU such that he will lower the degree to reduce CPU throttling early, while he will increase it for more capacity on higher temperatures.

Although you will be given explanations for why your device is overheating by the thermal guardian. The indicator points can be tapped on the graph to get more information.

Boosting applications

Optimizing apps improves the performance of App Booster. In essence, this program optimizes all applications on a device. It might take several minutes for the optimization to take place. Nevertheless, there is no clear understanding of how to optimize the apps.

App boosters improve the performance of your device and keep it stable.

File Guardian

By using File Guardian, you can recover deleted files from a device that has been permanently deleted. The file will be restored, regardless of whether it is on internal or external storage.

Tracking batteries

You can track your device’s battery life with the battery tracker. The app essentially provides more than what is available in the Android battery menu app. It can be found in One UI 2.0 for Android 10. When the device is fully charged, you will be able to see a summary of the last 7 days.

Galaxy Labs 2.0 Suite is now available for download

Below you will find the Samsung Galaxy Lab 2.0 Suite that supports one UI 3.0 running on Android 11.

Galaxy Store link (only for Samsung users) for Samsung Galaxy Labs

   From Galaxy Store

In North America (USA and Canada), Europe (Germany and UK), and Asia (India) only this Galaxy lab is available. It’s possible to sideload this apk if you couldn’t find it through Galaxy Store.

APK Download Mirror for Galaxy Labs

   Download APK Galaxy Lab 2.0

Modules for Galaxy Lab 2.0 can be downloaded here