One Operating System for Everything.

All you need to know about Google’s new Fuchsia OS.

Android Doesn’t Need an introduction that it is a Very Powerful Open Source Operating System. But Think Different any Working on a New Open Source Operating System named Fuchsia.
Let’s take a look and Know What fuchsia is all about. Before you go ahead, you should know that What Kernal is, Kernel is a Core of an Operating System. Which Provide a Basic Mechanism around Device OS can be built Where Android is based on a Linux Kernal.

Google initially Build the Operating System for a Digital Camera, Mean it is Not made for a Mobile Devices. Where Mobile Manufacture applies their own Custom Skin on top of Android Device.

This Time Kernal is Completly based on a New Kernal, not to Mention it Design for a Smart Eco-System. WHich later Help to Connect Wider Range of Smart Devices. It Works almost in Everything From Smartphone, Fridges and End With Traffic Light.

 Google Fuchsia OS

Google Replace the Name of Kernal on Android Wit Zircon, Which Means Single OS helps a Completly Seamless Integration Between Them. Android Worst Part is Fragmentation, This is Why Your Devices Can’t Perform as Well as their Hardware is Capable of and It is the Reason Why Updates are So late Updates Because it is a Combination of Different Android, Kernal, Storage and Drivers Which packed in Slightly Different Configuring to Reach a Single Device at Same Time. Rendering these Specs all things have to Decoupled Manually by Manufacture.


Google Doesn’t Have Control over their Android Device Platform about How People experience Android of 95% of their Devices. Manufacture Really Doesn’ care about their Updates and Maintenance or it Gives you a Two year of Satisfaction With Updates and Maintenance. They Do Because they have to Sell their Hardware and Make Profit From Them.

Fuchsia Made from Scratch Reminding to Make Simpler, Cleaner and Updates So they Can Regain they’re Controlled over their Software on Devices. Also, Google Own Flutter Software Development Kit Which Means you Can run Android app Files on Fuchsia Os. Like Android Does app Icon on Single Page Which for Digital Camera this Time Ever app is Open on the Same Page like Windows Does but not in tile. The app Run on their Own Space on the Same Page and Minimize there to open Next From it.

   Download Fuchsia OS

   Download Fuchsia OS -DropBox

Google Could be Replace Android by Fuchsia Within 2 or 3 years While Goole is already Tested on Huawei begins testing Fuchsia OS on the Kirin 970-based Honor Play.

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