In this article, we will be sharing the top five front-end projects that can increase your chances of getting a placement. We will also provide resources to assist you in building these projects. Adding one or two of these projects to your resume can significantly increase your chances of getting hired.

Fronted Code Editor

The fronted code editor is a tool used to write, compile, and run code. Some examples of popular code editors include Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse, and Sublime Text. This project involves creating a code editor that functions similarly to CodePen, where the output is displayed in real-time on a bottom output panel. Before beginning this project, it is important to consider whether it is feasible to build such an application. To get started, you may want to use the following resources to guide your development.

In the video, the speaker discusses various aspects of the code editor, including the code setup, HTML setup, editor setup, CSS, CodePen functionality, open/close button, and local storage hook. It is important to note that while following along with the video, it is not advisable to simply copy the entire code, as the purpose of the project is to gain hands-on experience and learning. Instead, strive to understand the concepts presented and attempt to implement them on your own.

Video Streaming Platform

It is possible to create a video-streaming platform similar to YouTube. When visiting the YouTube homepage, one can find a collection of videos. While it may not be necessary to fully replicate the YouTube platform, it is important to consider which features can be implemented. For example, on YouTube and other platforms such as Netflix, hovering over a video thumbnail may cause a preview to play. Additionally, when a video is opened, there are often options such as likes, comments, shares, and descriptions, as well as recommendations for what to watch next. To build a YouTube-like video-streaming platform, you may want to utilize the following resources.

This video is quite lengthy but covers a lot of important topics, including Redux, Material-UI, and Firebase. When working on a frontend project, it is important to consider how to utilize backend as a service rather than building the backend from scratch. For instance, using a service like Firebase can help streamline development. As you work through these resources, it may also be beneficial to think about additional features that can be implemented, such as live chat or live video functionality, or popular short video features like those found on YouTube. These are important considerations to keep in mind as you complete the project.

class="wp-block-heading">Interactive Portfolio

Building an interactive portfolio can be a great way to showcase your skills and experiences in a unique and engaging way. For example, the website features animation and interactive elements, such as a game inspired by Mario, to highlight the developer’s skills and experiences. Another example is the website for Jack Web Developer, which interacts with the user’s cursor and includes information about the developer’s skills and experience, as well as a contact form. If you are looking for inspiration, you may want to check out these and other web developer portfolios, such as the 15 examples listed as a resource. These can help you to create an interactive portfolio that effectively communicates your abilities and experiences.

These are two great videos that demonstrate how to build an impressive interactive portfolio using NextJS, TypeScript, SSR, and React Brick CMS. Utilizing TypeScript can be a sign of maturity as a developer, and building an interactive portfolio allows you to showcase your experiences, skills, and projects in a visually engaging way. When creating your portfolio, be sure to include any relevant information that you wish to share with potential employers or clients.

Social media Application

One potential project idea is to create a social media platform similar to Instagram. This project presents an opportunity to learn about authentication and real-time data changes, as well as the use of Tailwind CSS, a widely used industry tool for developing CSS. The provided resources will cover building an Instagram clone with React, Tailwind CSS, and Firebase. However, to fully structure the project, you may also want to consider adding additional features such as a notification box, a socket for live updates rather than multiple refreshes, and interactive comments. Working on projects like this can help to enhance your understanding and skills as a developer.

Resume Builder/ Food Ordering App

To create a resume, you will need to input details such as projects, skills, and experience into a form. This form can then be downloaded as a completed resume. To guide your development, you may want to reference the provided GitHub repository and YouTube video. Another project idea is building a food ordering app, which can help you stand out among other developers. Choose the project that best fits your interests and begin building.