Free Fire Exclusive Project Cobra Collection has been Introduced. The Exciting Project Cobra Collection Enlights a huge cool displaying cosmetics in the game that has four different events of the Project Cobra Costume, EVO gun, and Motorcycle having a Project Cobra-theme. Users can also open the new character, Shirou, for free by Easily Accessing the game. Since the Project Cobra Update’s startup launch, Various exciting new content has been launched in the game.

About Shirou Legendary Cobra Outfit

The new legendary Cobra Rage bundle is very Unique. The costume is introduced today. Moreover, the unique feature of this bundle is its unique UI and interface. This will be the first costume bundle to have a Cool interface based on the Users’ rank. The bundle Include such as –

  • Emote Lead
  • Exclusive Emote
  • Arrival Animation
  • Parachute animation

Free Fire Exclusive Project Cobra Collection Details

The collection boasts have four differentiation of the Cobra Costume, the latest EVO Cobra MP40 Gun Skin, and the Cool Cobra Motorcycle. These costumes indeed look cool. The EVO Gun Skin can be modified to make it more Adventurous. The new motorcycle looks futuristic. And following are the

Exclusive Project Cobra Collection

  • Cobra Costume
  • EVO Cobra MP40 Gun Skin
  • Cobra Motorcycle
  • Get Shirou and Cobra Backpack for Free
  • Bermuda Remastered Returns in Free Fire

Exciting Rewards Awaits for Users on the BOOYAH! App

Free Fire Users will have the opportunity to win a brand new OnePlus 8T smartphone, official BOOYAH! Items require thirty-five lakh diamonds to get into the Project Cobra-themed event.

How can we Get Cobra Strike Gloo Wall, Surfboard, and other rewards in Free Fire

There are various exclusive Cobra-themed items up for grabs. Users have to incur diamonds to make a spin and avail the rewards. The Usual spin requires 19 diamonds and has less chance of getting the grand prize. Gamers can incur 99 diamonds for the super spin that has a higher opportunity of obtaining Cobra collection skins. Besides this, in the costlier spin, they are guaranteed to receive a permanent item if they did not get a grand prize.

How to Get For Free Fire Cobra Guardian Backpack

The event will end on March 5 and you can obtain it within the last 7 Days by simply log in. You can get by continuous login to the game for 7-days in a ROW.

  1. Log in 1 day – Receive Bounty Token Play Card (7 days)
  2. Log in 3 days – Receive Pet Food.
  3. Log in 5 days – Receive x500 Universal Fragment.
  4. Log in 7 days – Receive Cobra Guardian Backpack.

Here, you can navigate through the event section of the game. Follow the following steps carefully mention down below.

  • Open the Event Cleaner from the main lobby.
  • After that, click on the “Project Cobra 27/2” and then open the event section.
  • Select Project Cobra and once it opens click to check in order to claim the rewards.
  • That’s it.

So, we hope that you are complete and perfect known about “How to get Free Fire Project Cobra Backpack for Free.”