The Lost Ark intends to give their players a little surprise as a thank you for partnering up with Prime Gaming, which is a free monthly reward. Having an Amazon-published game of this kind is a delight for me. So, in this article, we will tell you how to collect Lost Ark prime gaming rewards.

In partnership with Amazon, a game based on The Lost Ark was developed by a Korean company. It’s a surprise since Lost Art is partnering with Prime Gaming and expanding their range of titles in the game. This is a free loot drop in the game, and this is connected to Prime’s Subscription-based delivery.

However, if you wonder how we can collect the new rewards from the Lost Ark, then this article will guide you. Follow the following instructions mentioned down below.

Rewards of Lost Ark prime gaming in this month (March 2022)

This game will offer us the same exciting rewards in the month of March 2022 as it did in the month of February. Additionally, a themed pet will be available for players, who will be able to travel along with them in the game as they receive their pets in the form of eggs.

Rewards that players will receives.

How to claim your free Prime Gaming rewards: Battle Item Bundle for free (March 2022)

  • 1 x Amethyst Shard pack: This is the type of premium currency that is used in the game and by this we can exchanges with the residency of Arkesia by the end of this game.
  • Egg pet: in this game players will grant the egg pet which will be interacted with them and enhance their travel journey in the game.
  • 2 x Crystalline Aura: This is for only the last 30 days and this will reduce the cooldowns, Triports, and many more surprises.

Now let’s talk about how to collect these rewards in the Lost Ark prime gaming.

You should activate your Amazon prime subscription for collecting all of these rewards in the Lost Ark prime gaming. Or else you will not be able to collect them. After resolving the activation of your subscription the following are the step to be followed for collecting these rewards.

  • Firstly, you will go to the prime gaming website. (Link your Amazon Prime Memerbship to your Steam account here...)
  • Then Scrolling down and search Lost Ark.
  • Tap on the claim for collecting your rewards.
  • Before this, you should log in with your Amazon Prime account and tap on claim again for collecting.
  • In-game press F4 for opening your inventory.
  • Next, Redeem your reward
  • After all, this collects your rewards.
  • Again open your inventory and interact with your rewards and new items that you will use in the game.