If you want to have complete use of your device, then you have thought of flashing a custom skin, but in between you likely encounter a failed (remote: “flashing is not allowed for critical partitions.”) Which isn’t quite a common scenario, but if you have it, then it is quite straightforward to rectify the issue.

We can assume that you have unlocked your device bootloader and that during flashing you have encountered the critical partition flashing is not allowed error due to restrictions.

What is critical partition flashing is not allowed during flashing

Custom Binaries flashing is done by fastboot OEM unlock, but if you flash a stock ROM with the fastboot command, then there is a high chance of encountering the error. Which means, this error happens due to the locked partitions and triggers the aforementioned error. 

How to Fix Critical Partition Flashing Is Not Allowed

Not to mention, this will completely format your device data, so ensure you have a complete backup of your files. Also, it will void the warranty.

  • First thing first, you need to enable the USB Debugging in order to grant access to the device in ADB Mode.
  • Open Device Settings and then head over to about phone 
  • X7 tap on the build number to enable developer mode. 
  • Revert back to previous menu, and then go to system and tap on advance. 
  • From there tap on Developer option and toggle to enable the Enable USB Debugging. 
  • Now, Install the Android SDK on your PC:
  • After that unlock your device Bootloader;
  • Next, Connect your device to PC and then open the Android SDK Platform tool folder and then type cmd in the address bar, hit enter and it will open the CMD (Command Prompt). 
  • After that, Execute the following commands.
    • adb reboot bootloader (To boot your device into the fastboot mode)
    • fastboot flashing unlock_critical (to unlock the critical partitions.)
    • fastboot reboot (to reboot your device)

By this time, your device should be fixed. Now you can flash any custom ROM based on your preference.