Lost Ark is not a fresh Project but Yes it was initially launched in the Year 2019 with a popular gaming title in Online Multiplayer Genre. Also, At the time of release developers presented various advantages to play on Lost Ark. However, Similar to other Online Games Lost Ark reported a few errors in Irritation.
In need of this, We have tried to gather information about the most recurring errors. And, after a huge study, We found there are majorly two errors which are Anti-cheat Error 30005 and Godsent Error 20054. Meanwhile, here We will let you know How to Fix ARK Easy Anti-Cheat (Error 30005) and (Error 20054) Godsent Error.

ARK Easy Anti-Cheat (Error 30005) and Godsent Error (Error 20054) troubleshooting guide

Well, Both the Errors are In-different and renowned in Online Multiplayer Games. Because it usually occurs in many gaming titles. However, the Solution for both of them is on some particular basis. In which the Anti-Cheat Error 30005 is the prior that must be resolved on the very first note. So, below we will discuss for easy fix for each of the Error Separately.

To Fix Anti-Cheat Error 30005

Players in Lost Ark experience this Error whenever they launch the game. Specifically, When they launch the game it suddenly encounters an error and shows “Couldn’t Start the game Message. And, On a majority note, it has found that all this is happened due to Issues with Anti-Cheat Functioning in the game. About this, below are the most possible fixes that you must try.

Fix 1: Repair EAC
To do this, Follow the given Path – Head to Easy Anti-Cheat folder << Launch EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe << Click on Repair << Restart PC << Launch Steam << Go to Properties << local files Tab << Verify Integrity << That’s it.

Fix 2: Scan Your PC
Use any of your desired Anti-Virus to Scan out your whole PC. Because, if any malware on your system then it may lead to stopping EAC.

Fix 3: Close Down Unwanted Background Programmes

It also observed that if you are running some unwanted background Programmes on your PC. Then, it becomes some hurdles for your system to process lost Ark like games. So, You can also try to fix it by closing unwanted background programmes.

Fix Godsent Error 20054

Apart from the Error arising while launching the game. Some players on Lost Ark report that whenever they use Godsent law skills they Error 20054. However, It comes only when they use Paladin Character but Yes it becomes very Irritating during the gameplay.
Unfortunately, there is no definite fix for this error because developers are still trying to reach out to the reason for it. Instead of that, We are providing you with some possible factors that may result in fixing this error.

Fix 1: Verify the Integrity

To do this, follow the path – Restart PC << Launch Steam << Go to Properties << local files Tab << Verify Integrity << That’s it.

Fiz 2: Ignore Paladin Character

The Official fix is not revealing We recommend you move onto a different character. As a result, you may face fewer difficulties while playing.

Fix 3: Check For Pending Updates

Sometimes it has been seen that if your game incurs some pending update then, it may not function properly and display Godsent law like errors. In that case, We recommend you to update the pending Update if any.

Collectively, These are the most common fixes arising on Lost Ark these days. Hopefully, we can now expect that you all guys have Accurate content about How to Fix ARK Easy Anti-Cheat (Error 30005) and (Error 20054) Godsent Error. And, also well-known about the best possible fix for each error. With Regards to this, If any user has any queries share them with us in the comment section down below.