Valorant is one of the most popular multiplayer games across the globe, and some players have encountered Error Code 138. This error is not common among players, so it is easy to troubleshoot and fix. Without further ado, let’s check it out.

How to Fix Valorant Error Code 138?

Follow the following instructions mentioned down below.

Unistall Riot Vanguard.

To ensure the game has a fair and healthy environment, Riot has an anti-cheat called Valorant. You can fix Valorant Error Code 138 with the following troubleshooting.

  • Open Control Panel
  • Navigate to Program and Features.
  • From there, right-click on the Riot Vanguard.
  • Next, click on it to remove it.
  • That’s it. Restart your PC.

With the following instructions, you can uninstall Vanguard to fix Valorant Error Code 138.


First, you need to disable your Secure Boot because the value is protected by the Secure Boot Policy. Secure boot doesn’t allow editing or deleting, hence check out the following commands to execute.

  • Open CMD using the Windows Run Dialog Box (Windows + R), type CMD (You have to run Command Prompt as administrator.)
  • Use these following commands:
    bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx OptIn
    bcdedit.exe /set testsigning off
    bcdedit.exe /set nointegritychecks off
  • After executing it, restart your system.

Valorant Priority should be changed from Task Manager

  • It is easy to change the game priority to “normal”. Here is the following guide:
  • Open Task Manager (shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + Esc).
  • From there, look for the Vanguard icon.
  • Next, right-click on the Vanguard and then click on Details.
  • From the given details, choose “Normal.”
  • Restart your PC. That’s it!

Run Valorant with the Windows Compatibility Setting

  • Right-click on the Valorant icon, and
    then click on Properties. Next, head over to the Compatibility Option.
  • From there, choose to Run this Program in Compatibility Mode.
  • Now, select Windows 8 and then click on Done.
  • After applying the settings, run the game as administrator.

We believe this article remains helpful for you and has successfully fixed Valorant Error Code 138. If there is any query, share it with us in the comment section down below. Keep an eye out for future updates on the subject.