Halo released its Halo Infinite multiplayer game, available on Xbox and PC platforms. However, many players have reported an “incompatible operating system.” It is quite straightforward troubleshooting to fix the “incompatible operating system.” So without further ado, let’s check it out.

From Fluency

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Check Verify File Integrity

To fix the missing or corrupted file, you will need to check and verify the integrity of Halo Infinite on Steam.

  • Open Steam and then head over to the Steam Library.
  • Next, right-click on the Halo Infinite logo.
  • From there, choose the Local Files tab.
  • After that, From Fluency
  • That’s it!

Disable Firewall

Check if Halo Infinite has been restricted to access. Exclude the Halo Infinite game from the firewall.

Reinstall the game.

If you still encounter the error, then you should reinstall the game from the respective platform. If you still have the same issue after reinstalling the game, then you should contact Halo Infinite Support.

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