Telegram is a cross-platform online messaging service platform that provides enhanced end-to-encryption. Like other messaging apps, Telegram has vast platform support where you can privately communicate easily. However, there are other prominent messaging apps available on the line. But, Telegram has a unique bonding with its users.

Whether we talk about its UI or privacy matters, Telegram always scored high on each purpose. And, Like every messaging app, Telegram also gets temporary errors that force it to malfunction. Recently, the Telegram web app does not respond. For such, here we will guide you to some fixes to solve that error.

How to fix Telegram Web App not Working?

The Telegram app is available to download in 155 countries. Suppose you can use it on different platforms, including Android, iOS, macOS and Windows. Since its launch (2013), Telegram has faced numerous downsides in its working. Similarly, Now the Telegram web app is not working appropriately.

The Telegram web app is a web client of the official Telegram app where users can experience a smartphone’s Telegram account on their Pc. It is somewhat similar to WhatsApp web. However, the Telegram web app not working is a temporary concern that can be fixed with a few tweaks. Also, developers have yet to address the basic reason behind the issue.

But, As of now, there is no update offered through them. Keeping that in mind, we configured different aspects and found some fixes that surely worked. So, without any further delay, let’s start the guide and learn the different fixes for the Telegram web app not working.

Check Internet Stability

The foremost thing to look up is your internet connectivity. Because it can be possible when you are trying to run the Telegram web app. The app is not responding accurately due to internet lag. In such a case, we recommend you have a stable internet connection and proceed further.

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Check Telegram Server Status

If you have a stable internet connection and you are still getting the same issue. It means that there might be an issue with the Telegram server. Because sometimes, such online messaging platforms face server-down issues. So, make sure to check it through a down detector and if they are found down, then wait for it to get back.

Clear browser’s cache files

Every browser collects some data to offer an instant experience called cache files. These files work as a boon until they are fresh. Once it gets older, then the same disrupts websites from running appropriately. And, if you are still getting that Telegram web app not working, For so, we recommend you clear your browser’s cache files. To clear such files, follow the below instructions.

  • Launch your web browser and head to settings.
  • Scroll down to privacy and security.
  • Click on the Clear browsing data option.
  • Choose the time range and other preferred options and click on the clear data button.
  • That’s it; the Cache files have now cleared.

Try another web browser.

Even clearing cache files on your browser if you are still facing the same concern. Then, it might be possible that your current browser is not able to load the Telegram web app. In such a case, we request you to try any other chromium-based web browser. As per user rating, we recommend you to use Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera Mini and others.

Request Telegram Support

After applying the above fixes, if you are still getting the Telegram web app not working. It means there is a serious issue from the developer’s end. In such a case, you need to raise a query over the Telegram support page. Certainly, visit the Telegram support page and write your concern along with a screenshot. Once you raise a query, the Telegram support team will surely connect and solve your issue.

Conclusively, the Telegram support team is very responsive and helpful. If there is any internal discrepancy, you can use the above fixes for the Telegram web app not working. However, if you do not get any reliable solution, then simply connect to their support page. Although we have covered everything, if users still have any queries, then ask them in the below section.