Google is packed with many hidden search functionality, and a timer is one of the most valuable things. Which was the conventional way to set the timer with the search “5 Minutes timer” or “set timer for 5 minutes.” This feature has disappeared since last month and has not yet returned.

Most users thought Google removed this feature, but Google’s Public Search Google SearchLiaison confirms this occurred due to mail functionality. This confirms that this feature is temporarily due to an unknown reason. However, it should be coming back as quickly as possible.

This is not time-shared when it suppose to be back on Google. However, You can use the device’s in-built clock app to use the timer. This feature was first introduced back in 2013. Google’s other platforms, like Google Assistance still active.

Many users are still complaining about this failure, which is a way to go with setting up a timer by just a command. On a browser or search engine, it is a handy tool to use; thankfully, this feature is not removed and will be back on Google Search.