Asus’s ROG Phone 5 become one of the most popular gaming smartphones, and PUBG Mobile recently officially roll out support for the 90FPS. Meanwhile, it gives an immersive experience while playing the game on 90FPS.

Recently, players have encounter lags with PUBG Mobile with a 90fps setting. Asus ROG Phone 5 officially supports 9Hz FPS, as the device is compatible with a higher refresh rate. So let’s take a closer look at it and know more about it.

90Hz PUBG Mobile lags on ASUS ROG Phone 5

There could be multiple reasons why players have encounter such an error, after the player report the issue on the Asus support forum Asus MOD reply with the following mentioned down below.

“As was the case with both the ROG Phone

II and ROG Phone 3, 90 FPS support has to be enabled by the game developers through an update. Please check again after PUBG is updated. 🙂”

Does Rog 5 support 90 fps PUBG?

PUBG Mobile offically announced the support for OnePlus and ROG Smartphone including OnePlus 8, OnePlus 8 Pro, OnePlus 7T, or OnePlus 7 Pro, ROG Phone 3, ROG Phone II and they were working to expand in future which having pre-high-refresh rate functionality.

Asus ROG Phone 5 – How to Fix

PUBG Mobile constantly working and acknowledge the issue, you can be expected a small update to resolve such an issue quite imminent. All you can do is wait for the upcoming update. However, there is no such official method to fix but we have some sourced troubleshoot to resolve these. Follow the following instruction mentioned down below.

How to Fix: Asus ROG 5 Support on 90FPS

It is a quite complicated process, Follow the following instruction carefully.


  • Download all require files
  • Enable your device Maximum Refresh rate.

Download Files

Game Files, Downlaod with respect to your game version.

Patch File

File Extractor

Fix: 90FPS on Asus ROG 5 Support

  • Install Zarchiver Pro, and then open it.
  • Grant all require permission to access.
  • Head over to <Internal Storage> Android/Data/ and then Click on OK to allow read/write permission.
  • After that, Click on Use this folder and then tap on Allow
  • Next, look for com.pubg.imobile to open and then go to your respective game file which you have download based on your preference.
  • Then, Go to UE4Game and change the name of UE4Game to UE4Game1 inside the folder.
  • Copy the entire UE4Game and paste it to <Internal Storage> Android/Data/com.pubg.imobile (Respective to your game version)/ and paste inside.
  • That’s it!

After this, Launch the game and download all the resources. Therefore, to enable 90FPS on your device follow the following instruction.

  • Open ROG (90FPS) patch and there you file the game_patch file.
  • Copy it and paste it <Internal Storage> Android/Data/com.pubg.imobile (Respective to your game version)/files/ShadowTrackerExtra/ShadowTrackerExtra/Saved/paks and paste inside.

Enable 90FPS on PUBG Mobile

  • Launch the Game and head over to settings 
  • After finishing the method mentioned above, there in the graphics settings you will find 90fps settings.
  • That’s it!

NOTE: Some players also reported the game doesn’t show 90fps after device restart/reboot. So it’s still there the settings instead of 90FPS it shows Extreme. You don’t have to follow the procedure multiple times.

VIDEO GUIDE: BGMI 90FPS for ROG 5,Oneplus 9,9r,9 pro & Android11 users ! Access to all versions of PUBG. – Source: ThuNderMavaYT ]

Hopefully, We believe that this article remains helpful for you and have successfully able to rectify the problem. If there is any query share with us in the comment section down below.