Recently, Some Battlefield 4 players have encountered the high ping which isn’t a usual thing to occur. This might occur due to several reasons like third-party firewall conflicts with your game. In this guide, we will troubleshoot which can fix the high ping with Battlefield 4.

Likewise, the common reason for the high ping was the distance between your and the game server. Which depends upon your internet how good it is to get low latency. This can be fixed by selecting the nearest server from your location from the server browser.

Fix High Ping issue on Battlefield 4

Check out the following quick guide to reduce the ping while playing Battlefield 4. So without further ado, let’s being.

Reboot your Internet

With reboot your network you can refresh

your service, also if you haven’t turned off your modem or router then you should reboot your network. By re-cycling the power you got your cache clear and after rebooting check, the Battlefield 4 High ping will most likely be fixed.

Check your Internet Connectivity

The ideal scenario for playing a game is by using an Ethernet connection, meanwhile, if you are using Wi-Fi then ensure you have good connectivity with Wi-Fi. By using Ethernet connection your connection get prioritize

Check Physical Cable

Check the Ethernet cable if you found it broken then replace it with the appropriate cable.

Clear bandwidth-hogging application

If your system service or program is consuming a lot of bandwidth, and for your game, it doesn’t enough then you should close the bandwidth-hogging application for this here is the guide.

  • Open Task Manager and then go to the Network tab.
  • From there look for hogging application, Right-click on it and end the task from the drop-down menu
  • That’s it!

 Update Network Driver

If you still encountering the same high-ping after applying the connectivity troubleshooting then you require to update your system network driver. Follow the following instruction mentioned down below.

You can update your network driver by heading over to the manufacture support page. Additionally, you can use automatic driver update which detected the outdated network driver and upgrade the driver card to the latest version.

 Flush DNS

If you still gettings high-ping then you can try refreshing your DNS by cleaning DNS. Here is the following guide to fix.

  • Open CMD and then execute the following command one by one.
  • ipconfig/flushdns
  •  ipconfig /registerdns
  •  ipconfig /release
  •  ipconfig /release
  •  netsh winsock reset 
  • After this Restart your Computer
  • That’s it!

Use Alternative DNS Address

  • Open Windows Control Panel and then click on View Network Status and Task appear under Network and Internet
  • After that click on adapter settings and then right-click on Network
  • Choose Properties and double-click on Internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
  • Enter the DNS Server addresses
  • Then, click on OK to save changes

Update your Game

If your game is outdated then you should download the latest version of Battlefield 4. With the patch, the game ping might be fixed.

  • Quit the Game and then Open Battlefield 4 website to check if any updates are available.
  • If you find any updates, then you need to download and install the latest game patch.
  • After that, Restart your Game and Launch Battlefield 4.
  • That’s it!


If the above-mentioned troubleshooting doesn’t help, then you should use VPN. You can use any preferred VPN Service and connect with the region accordingly.

If you haven’t seen any damage or issues with your internet, then you should contact your ISP to rectify the issue. Additionally, you can join from another server as well to fix Battlefield 4 problem with your ping.

We believe that this article remains helpful to you and has successfully resolved your issue. If you have any query, share with us the comment section down below.