Instagram is a commonly used programme for reels, entertainment, and virtual interaction. However, the application is experiencing some issues on iOS devices. iOS users are unable to play any strategy or reel on Instagram because of a lack of audio. Instagram’s developers addressed this issue with a fresh version.

Additionally, the issue occurred following the release of iOS 15. However, the Android version of the software functions properly. The parent firm is now investigating the aforementioned bug. Thus, in this post, we will explore whether or not Facebook resolved Audio Related Issues on Instagram and how to obtain specific information about them.

Facebook Addressed an Audio Issue on Instagram Stories

With millions of users, Instagram is one of the most popular social networking platforms in the current period. The programmes enable you to create reels, upload tales and access a variety of other unique features. Apart from its merits, the application has a few drawbacks on iOS devices. More precisely, when an iOS device goes silent, iOS users continue to experience a lack of audio when playing Instagram stories. On a social media forum, an iOS user expressed worry. Facebook has investigated the flaw in response.

Additionally, they provided a Special Update to address the issue. Therefore, people who are experiencing this issue can refer to the methods below.

The following link has been updated on Instagram:

  • To begin, open the App Store.
    Developer: Instagram, Inc.
    Price: Free+
  • Following that, perform a search for Instagram.
  • After that, click the Update button.

Note: You can also click on the preceding link to navigate directly to the Instagram Update page on the App Store.

Finally, users who are experiencing the “no audio” issue must upgrade the Instagram app following the methods indicated above.