Garena Free Fire Max is a Specially designed battle royale to deliver a premium gameplay experience. As with every battle royale, Free Fire Max also introduces new updates to the game. Recently they released the OB33 Update in March 2022. But, after so, the players are facing a 503 Service Unavailable error.

Moreover, It is related to server maintenance updates. But, some users are very disappointed with the concern. So, they are looking on the web for a stable solution as the developers have not provided any fix for it. So, here we will discuss Garena Free Fire Max 503 Service Unavailable error.

How to fix Garena Free Fire Max 503 Service Unavailable Error

If you notice, 503 Server Unavailable arises when the game is under maintenance phase. Because at that time, the server is updating itself with the latest update. And we know players are facing that error after the OB33 Update release. It means the players have not updated their game with the latest version.


It has been observed that this type of maintenance runs for a few hours and sometimes up to 12 hours. In such a case, we recommend you wait until the given period. After such hours, the error is still in the same phase. Then, we recommend you submit a request to Garena. So, they will surely respond to you. So, To submit such a request, just follow the instructions.

  • Begin with Visiting Garena Customer Service Website.
  • Log in with your preferred method.
  • Once you log in, Tap on the arrow next to your nickname.
  • Select the “Submit a request” option from the given menu.
  • Choose your game client version.
  • Following this, Your Free Fire account UID will be shown up.
  • Next, select your request type and Tap on Submit.
  • That’s it, and Your request has been submitted.

After such a request, Garena will look over it and process it accordingly. Also, you can check the request status through the “My Request” Tab. Overall, 503 Service Unavailable is a common error that occurs due to the absence of service. It happens when the game’s server is under maintenance. It automatically resolves once the server updates.

However, After the server update, the 503 servers unavailable are showing again. Then you can take the submit request option to solve it. Although we have briefly explained the submit request procedure. Even so, if you have any queries, then feel free to ask in the comment box below.