Apex Legends finally comes to mobile devices, but it comes with a set of errors that players might encounter. We have tried to cover all the basic troubleshooting guides to fix any Apex Legends Mobile errors. The game is available on both Android and iOS devices.

Failed Update

This error shows the error code 154140714 or 556793879. A Network Anomaly or an Unknown Anomaly, respectively.

How to Fix Apex Legends Mobile Update Failed Error Code 154140714
Courtesy: EA Answer/ AndroidGreek

This error could be caused for multiple reasons, and it is quite straightforward to fix the Apex Legends “Update Failed: Network Anomaly” error.

Apex Legends Mobile Realtime Server.

It might be possible that due to heavy traffic, servers might get down, which you can check over there on their Twitter Page. If the server is up and working, then check your internet connection.

Check your internet connection.

This error may appear due to your connectivity; first, check the internet status; it should be stable. If you are using cellular connectivity, then switch to Wi-Fi or use another internet service. Do check if some applications are running in the background. If there is any application consuming your maximum internet, then stop or try again after it finishes.

If you are still encountering any issues, then head over to the EA support page.