Samsung has started rolling out its first update to the Galaxy S24 Series. It fixes all major issues and adds improvements to make the device better. The update is gradually rolling out; as of now, it appears to be rolling out in Korea but isn’t yet available in other regions, including India.

Based on initial feedback, Samsung has optimised the One Ui 6.1 for better performance and an enhanced option across the Galaxy S24 Series display and the camera. With advancements in hardware and software integration to enhance the experience.

Galaxy S24: First Updates

Updates start rolling out gradually to everyone with the latest February 2024 security patch.


  • Image quality was improved by adjusting the brightness when shooting backlit in high-pixel mode.
  • Added expression to the improved Food Mode colour data.
  • Improved colour by adjusting saturation and white balance in night mode.
  • Improved image quality when zooming images in the gallery after shooting in the new DNG format.
  • Galaxy S24 Ultra Updates
    • The clarity of text improved when using magnification Zoom.
    • Clarity and picture quality improved when recording the rear video.
    • The darkness indoors got brighter. And, people in the Photo Mode Preview looked sharper.

New display settings for more accurate and comfortable viewing

The Galaxy S24 Ultra has a new display. It’s more protective and seems a bit less saturated and vibrant than the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The new slider called Vividness will be equivalent to the Vivid mode on the Galaxy S23 Ultra. It does provide a screen mode option that lets users choose between Vivid and Nature screen modes and configure the white balance.

  • Vividness: It was previously overly vivid, just a bit subtly different from Natural. Now, with the update, vivid is hyper-unrealistic. Samsung has already made the display of the Galaxy S24 Ultra without any intentional colour adjustment or product defect.

Samsung has reintroduced the advanced settings button for the Vivid screen mode settings, allowing users to adjust the white balance.

Galaxy users have varying preferences when it comes to their mobile device’s display. That’s why we tuned the Galaxy S24 series’ display for a more natural and customisable viewing experience. By adjusting the “Vividness” option under display “Advanced settings,” you can now enjoy a more vibrant display. – Samsung

This is a key update. It brings custom display settings and other new tweaks. The tweaks affect the RGB (red, green, and blue) white balance and “Vivdness” (saturation). Users can set these settings based on their preferences.

Camera improvements

The update also optimizes key camera functions. It upgrades the Galaxy S24’s zoom, portrait mode, nightography, rear camera video, and more. In addition to this, we updated the Galaxy S24 Ultra to improve camera performance when fast-moving subjects are in frame. But also in food mode. It has better bandwidth to handle high-resolution images. It fixes the gallery while viewing DNG files in the Expert Raw app.

Samsung has noted this. They have improved the shots taken in the backlight. But, motion has been the biggest issue with Samsung’s devices for years. However, Samsung didn’t share any acknowledgements and the constant issues with motions.

class="wp-block-heading">New translation features

Languages get updated for better communication with optimisation for translation. You can update them through the Galaxy Store. This also improves the Galaxy AI and the One UI 6.1.