Fire Boltt recently launched a smartwatch called Rage Calling. One of the most budget-friendly smartwatches to buy, the price of the device is around Rs 2000. We will discuss device functionality and what you should know before buying this smartwatch.

Some of the highlights of the product mentioned in the box are Bluetooth calling, 320×320 pixel resolution, 100+ Sports Modes, SpO2 Monitoring, Smart Notification, Heart Rate Tracking, Drink water reminder, IP67 water and dust resistance, and an AI Voice Assistant.

Box Content

Fire-Boltt Rage

In the box, you have the watch, a USB cable for magnetic charging, and a Quick User Manual, Warranty, and Subscription plan for Ganna.


  • Display: 1.28-inch (240×240). HD Display
  • Bluetooth: v5.1
  • Dimensions: 4.49 x 4.49 x 1.01 cm.
  • 45 gram weight
  • Battery capacity: 200mAh Lithium Ion
  • Sensors: SpO2, Heart Rate, Optical Heart Rate, Capacitive Senso

Design and build quality

Fire Boltt Rage Pro Calling Smartwatch

It has a circular display with a metal design frame, but it’s plastic, making it look like a premium device. On the right, it has two buttons for functions and shortcuts. At the bottom, you will find all the sensors. Talking about the strap of the device, it uses a silicon strap with a texture that feels comfortable.

Fire-Boltt Rage Smartwatch: Electronics -

However, suppose you don’t find the strap suitable for your preference. In that case, you can replace it with any similar dial strap based on your choice. Sadly, side-button are in a circular style, but they can’t be used as crowns; instead, they function as buttons.


Fire-Boltt Rage Smartwatch | Your Ultimate Fitness partner

On first impression, the display has a solid brightness, and you won’t find any difficulty during outdoor conditions. There were multiple watch faces that you could apply; a long press-down button to go into the watch faces.

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You can use this device on other Android and iOS devices with v5.0 or 9.0 above, respectively. To use the watch with your smartphone, use the TheFit application to add and manage the device. Apart from changing watch faces on the watch itself, you can use the app to customize further to enhance your experience.

Fire-Boltt Rage - Price in India, Specifications & Features

You also have a personalized option that allows you to customize your watch face experience. You can use your image from the gallery. Swipe-up gives you a notification panel, and swipe-down gives you quick control options.

Right-to-left gives you shortcut cards, and further swipes provide you with activity and functionality. It gives you the menu left-to-right.

The Heart Rate Sensor and SpO2

Fire-Boltt Rage Calling Bluetooth Calling BSW054 Smartwatch

It seems pretty accurate; during testing, it showed similar results to what we have found on the Apple Watch. On the other hand, when trying with the oxygen meter, we have identical results over there as well. Placing it on the table shows the error for not finding it.

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Calling Feature

This feature wasn’t enabled by default; to allow it to, you need to enable it from your mobile device. On top of this, it has a call-transfer feature (to your phone or from your phone to watch). Other functionality includes Mute Mic, Volume, and End-Call control.

Missing Features and the Battery

Buy Fire-Boltt Rage Calling Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch,

As a Fire Bolt user, there are some missing features, like a calculator and games. As the company claims, it could last you seven days in the general use case scenario and 15 days on standby.

For this price, this device is well offered. It’s a well-designed circular smartwatch, and the straps feel too comfortable. Furthermore, the call quality is superior, but the mic doesn’t feel impressive; yes, it is acceptable.