CoD’s one of the popular titles making its way to mobile “Warzone” unveiled a few highlights. Since the announcement, CoD Enthusiasts are waiting for the closed Alpha test to experience the PC game on their handheld device. In which the Verdansk map plays a vital role and few gameplay experiences are also shared.

Moreover, the patch notes of the same are already on the web. But, the private alpha test speaks a lot. But, numerous CoD lovers are waiting to know some updates for Warzone mobile. So, here we will let you know the Warzone mobile gameplay details are unveiled privately.

CoD Warzone Mobile Feature Gulag System Unveiled Via Private Alpha Test

The famous title Project Aurora (Warzone mobile) is Presently in the development stage. And, this time developers want to make a dynamic change. For that, they gave a codename “Project Aurora

to CoD Warzone Mobile expansion.

With this announcement, they said to introduce the same PC game to mobile.
But, the private alpha test says that the In-game mechanism is similar to the PC version. But, the Gulag system makes a return to CoD Warzone’s Mobile version. So, when the player dies they take over to a separate area where they get a chance to jump back in the game. According to CoD Perseus, the game has a prison and Superstore with a gulag system and Verdansk map.

The CoD Perseus tweeted with a lot of CoD Warzone gameplay footage. However, it should note that they are taken from the private alpha test. So, it might be possible the game will see some change if it is not fit the user experience. Meanwhile, it would be interesting to see what major additions to get in the upcoming Project Aurora.