Xiaomi’s MIUI 14 has been launched, and it is expected to be released with the upcoming Redmi Note 12 Series. You may have heard about this since it has already been launched in China, but there are many features that are not included in the global version of the ROM. Therefore, it is worth examining what is new in MIUI 14. There is not a major overhaul with MIUI 14, but it does have significantly improved performance compared to the previous version of MIUI.

What are the new features of MIUI 14?

Home screen features

One of the most significant changes you will notice at first glance is the way icons and folders work on the home screen. By tapping and holding the icon you want to modify, you can access the “edit icon” option and change the icon from the standard 1×1 size to 2×1, 1×2, or 2×2. You can also use additional icons from the Mi Theme, but they require Mi Coins to unlock. This is a significant improvement to the home screen experience in MIUI 14.

MIUI 14's Latest Release Brings a Host of New Features and Improvements

Another notable feature of MIUI 14 is the enlarged folder, which is similar to NothingOS. This means that users can launch apps directly from the folders. In addition to these features, there is a new MIUI wallpaper available for download and a Google search bar at the bottom that can be removed if desired. These updates enhance the usability and customization of the home screen.

In addition to these changes, there are some small new details such as the updated weather details on the notification center at the top. The settings page also has a new icon, and the Chinese version includes some unique widgets for plants and pets. However, the widget panel remains unchanged and there is no wallpaper theming except for the Google and Play Store app icons. These small updates add some visual interest and functionality to the MIUI 14 interface.

New Settings Options

The Sound and Vibration settings have been changed to Sound and Touch, and there is now a dedicated touch control option. The haptic feedback settings now include videos to demonstrate the haptic feedback in various parts of the UI. Additionally, you can now switch the Control Center to the other side if desired.

The Google Assistant gesture from the side is now available, as well as the option to double tap to lock your phone. There are new charging animations including Flow, Glow, and Wave. One of the useful new features is the “Power Menu Access” when your device is locked. Previously, anyone could access the power menu when the device was locked, but now only the owner can access it from the lock screen. This means that anyone can put the phone in airplane mode, silent mode, power off, or reboot from the lock screen.

class="wp-block-heading">Lockscreen Side Panel

In India, the first lockscreen shortcut is an adware placed on the left side, while the right side has a camera shortcut called “Glance,” which cannot be disabled or removed from the device. Now, when you swipe left on the lockscreen, you have access to some useful shortcuts such as the flashlight, notes, contacts, calculator, and Glance. However, these are not the only options available. You can customize the side panel shortcuts from the settings.

Improved Always-on-Display

MIUI 14's Latest Release Brings a Host of New Features and Improvements

Finally, the Always-on-Display (AOD) on Xiaomi smartphones is going to change and there are new features such as the step count on the AOD. You can now use app icons for notifications, and there is a new option to turn off the AOD when lying in the dark. These improvements to the AOD enhance the functionality and usability of the feature.

Privacy Features

There is a new privacy feature called Incognito Mode, which will instantly disable location and camera access for all apps when enabled. The Privacy Settings now have a toggle for clipboard access, which will let you know when apps are using the clipboard. Additionally, some of the privacy options previously found in the Security app are now built into the Privacy Protection page in the Settings. This allows you to lock apps, hide apps, and more.

Camera Features

There is now a Voice Shutter option, which allows users to capture images by saying “cheese” and the photo will be taken automatically. Google Lens is also now integrated into the camera app, and you can extract text directly from images within the gallery app. These improvements enhance the functionality and convenience of the camera and image management features in MIUI 14