If you are using Adobe Product and have encountered Error Code 501, which happened because of a Not implemented Server error response. You can get this error while updating, instaling Adobe Product, Re-installing Adobe Product, or with the launch. For this, there are several fixes and tweaks available online. This error can occur with both Windows and Mac users.

We will be sharing one of the most promising guides and a pretty straightforward instruction guide to resolve the Adobe Error Code 501 “Sorry Installation Failed.” Follow the instruction guide mentioned down below.

How to Fix Adobe Error Code 501

It is advised that you follow the instruction carefully to resolve, So without further delay, let us begin.

Enable Hidden Items

  • Open Windows File Explorer
  • Click on View from the top ribbon bar.
  • On the right, Check the checkbox for the “Hidden Items.”

Delete Adobe Folder from Program Files, and Users

  • Open Windows File Explorer.
  • Head over to This Pc, and Choose “C:” Drive
  • Then, Navigate to C:\Program Files and Delete “Adobe” Folder and then open “Common Files.”

  • From there, Delete “Adobe” Folder

  • Again, Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86) and Delete “Adobe” Folder and then open “Common Files.”
  • From there, Delete the “Adobe” Folder.
  • Now, Back to C: Drive and open Users (C:\Users)
  • Open your Profile (Computer Name Folder) and From there, open AppData Folder
  • Delete “Adobe” Folder from Local 
  • Also, Delete the “Adobe” folder from LocalLow
  • Similarly, Remove the “Adobe” folder from the Roaming folder.

Delete Adobe Registry Editor

  • Open Registry by searching on Windows Search by typing Regedit (Else, Use Windows Run Dialog box (Shortcut key: Windows + R) and type “Regedit” hit enter, Confirm UAC (User Acess Control) to open Registry Editor.
  • Expand the HKEY_CURRENT_USER and from there open “Software.”
  • Delete the Adobe,

  • After that, Open the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
  • From there, expand the “Software” and then Delete the “Adobe.”
  • That is it!

Restart your PC.

Note: There could be several ways to resolve, but we find this method the best method—also, Thanks to GameTrick for sharing this method with us.

Hopefully, this article remains helpful for you and has successfully resolved your computer’s issue. We would like to know your valuable opinion and feedback; if there is any query, share with us in the comment section below. Stay tuned for further updates in future on the same.