iCloud is the foundation for iOS users, as it is the sole online storage space for their data. The security features of iOS are what have made it such a popular operating system, and that is why iCloud is trusted by millions of iOS users. To provide an extra layer of security, Apple has introduced a new feature for iCloud called “Advanced Data Protection.”

Indeed, iCloud operates on Apple’s web server, and before the introduction of this feature, the key to accessing user data was with Apple itself. According to a statement, even Apple cannot access your data once you enable Advanced Data Protection. Given this overview, we are confident that you are interested in learning more about this feature. Therefore, let us delve deeper and learn more about it below.

How to Enable Advanced Data Protection for iCloud Backups

Advanced Data Protection adds an additional layer of security to your iCloud backup by encrypting it from end to end. It is referred to as end-to-end encrypted because only you can access your data, even Apple cannot. However, this is an optional feature and depends on the user’s preferences. We know that the term “end-to-end encryption” is likely to encourage every user to enable it

At the time of writing, the feature is available on iOS 16.2, which means that in order to enable Advanced Data Protection, you must update your iOS device to at least iOS 16.2. For Apple Watches, it is OS 9.1, and for MacOS, it is OS 13.1. Another important consideration is to set up account recovery. We understand that this may be difficult for some users, so we have provided the following steps to assist those who may have difficulties

Note: In Step 3, you have the option to choose between generating a recovery contact or a recovery key. If you choose to generate a recovery key (28 character code), it is important to keep it safe. Remember that if you lose this key, even Apple will not be able to access it without it.

  • Go to Settings on your iOS device.
  • Look for the option “iCloud >> Advanced Data Protection.”
  • Tap on “Account Recovery,” and then on “Set up Account Recovery.”
  • As a result, add a recovery contact or generate a recovery key.
  • Verify your recovery key by retyping it.

After completing the above steps, you will be able to enable the Advanced Data Protection option. To do so, go to the same option you chose in Step 2 and enter your iPhone password to enable it. With these short and simple steps, you can make your iCloud end-to-end encrypted. However, if you still have questions, you may ask them in the following section

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I enable encryption in iCloud?

Ans. We have covered this topic in the above guide.

Q2. Does iCloud have end-to-end encryption?

Ans. It is possible to make iCloud end-to-end protected with advanced data protection.

Q3. How can I ensure that my iCloud is secure?

Ans. You can rely on iCloud encryption with a 28 character recovery key.

Q4. Can an iPhone be hacked through Safari?

Ans. There is no direct option to hack an iPhone through Safari.