After the split-screen concept in Microsoft Edge was shared on Twitter, and to compete against the new browser in the market called Arc Browser, which has a similar feature for supporting split-screen, Chrome, Arc, and Microsoft are all powered by the Chromium Engine. The company also reported that they are working on a new visual for Microsoft Edge called Phonenix.

The company reported that it will release the revamped Microsoft Edge with Windows 12. However, the split-screen feature is already available to use, but it is not yet available for the stable version of Microsoft Edge. So, without further ado, let’s deeply dive into this.

How to Use Split-Screen Mode in Microsoft Edge

Before proceeding with the details on enabling split-screen functionality in Microsoft Edge, you need to use the Microsoft Edge Canary Update since it is currently available for the preview builds. However, this feature might come in the stable version after successfully testing its functionality and fixing all the bugs.

Download Microsoft Edge

Here, you can download the Microsoft Edge Canary build from the Microsoft Edge download website. After downloading it on your PC, simply instal it like other software and services.

Enable split-screen on Microsoft Edge

  • Open Microsoft Edge Canary.
  • Enter this: edge://flags/#edge-split-screen into your address bar.
  • Use the drop-down menu to enable the Microsoft Edge split-screen feature.
  • Now it will ask you to restart Microsoft Edge.
  • That’s it!

How to use the Split-Screen Feature in Microsoft Edge

After enabling the split-screen feature, it’s straightforward to use Microsoft Edge. With this, you can open two different webpages on the same screen.

  • To open any webpage on split-screen, head over to the page.
  • Then, right-click the link and select “Open Link in Split-Window.”
  • After that, your webpage will be open on the right side of the split-screen within the same tab.
  • However, you can only use two screens now, unlike Chrome and Arc, which can work on more than two screens in the same window.

You can adjust the tab by clicking on the split-screen icon in the address bar of Microsoft Edge at the top. When clicking on it, there will be tab access in the right-hand panel; simply click on the tab you want to see.

You can also use it to open the new link in the left-right tab, open the link in the current tab, open the screen in a new tab, or check for split-screen pages in two tabs by clicking on the 3-dot button that appears in the upper-right corner.

This feature is quite useful because it allows for increased productivity. Furthermore, Microsoft uses fewer resources, and it now eliminates the use of multiple browsers simultaneously by introducing Split-screen in Microsoft Edge.