Google announced their visual change for Gmail in February, and Redesign Gmail started rolling out today. Changes made across Meet, Chat, and Spaces offering more interactive design from their Google Material Design 3.

Google also promised to bring more user-friendly design changes for tablets and brings emoji support with the addition of accessibility functionality. There would be more coming with the future upgrades.

How to Enable Google New Design Layout

Gmail’s new look is now rolling out to everyone
Courtesy: Google
  • Open Gmail, and Click on the settings icon in the upper right corner.
  • Which open the Quick Settings, Click on the Try out new Gmail View.
  • Reload the page; that’s it!

How to Disable Google New Design Layout

  • Open Gmail, and then click on the Settings icon.
  • Next, under Quick Settings, Select Go back to the original Gmail View.
  • Please reload the page, and That’s it.

Most of the highlights of this new layout affect the Mail, Meet, Space and Chat placed into a detailed list on the left sidebar instead of showing the conversations. You can still access the conversation, and It now comes when you hover its icon by pop-up.

New integrated view for Gmail features email, Google Meet, Google Chat, and Spaces in one place
Courtesy: Google Workspace

This update is a significant part of Google’s Workspace Suit (Which includes Docs, Sheets, etc.) You can expect more unified and AI-Powered features with upcoming versions. Until then, Google New Redesign email services look cleaner, Neater, and cleaner.

Not to mention, These are just visual changes; it is not going to change the way of using Gmail. However, it’s now easier to navigate across things.