Call of Duty Warzone is one of the most popular games across the game on all major platform. Activision has officially rollout the COD: Warzone 120FPS on Xbox Series X seven month before rolling out on PlayStation. 

Today, Call Of Duty Warzone officially supports the120fps. So if you wonder how you can enable the 120fps on Call of Duty Warzone on PlayStation 5. Follow the following instruction mentioned down below.

Play Warzone at 120Hz Fps on PlayStation 5 – How to

It is quite easy to achieve the PS5 on Call of Duty: Warzone, Follow the following instruction mentioned down below.

  • Open PlayStation system Settings
  • Click on Screen and Video
  • Next, choose Video Output
  • Select Enable the 120Hz Output to automatic
  • Also, disable the HDR option
  • Revert
    back and confirm Save Data and Game/App Settings
  • That’s it!

Also, you have to change the Game Preset to Performance mode to confirm that you get the optimized Call of Duty: Warzone 120 FPS.


Not to mention you have to plug your monitor with HDMI 2.1 Port and then you have to tweak some settings. Worth mentioned that if you should also support a 120Hz refresh rate. Additionally, if you have 2160 pixel without HDMI 2.1 then you will not get 120 FPS.

Hopefully, we believe that you have now able to play the 120Hz FPS on your PS5.