Google has recently pushed a new update to Google Maps. With the update, the user interface looks inspired by the colour scheme of Apple Maps. Now, you can add emojis to your saved places to express them creatively. You can not only save your favourite places but also organise them.

Previously, all saved places on Google Maps looked the same as others on Google Maps, which could be quite confusing. Any message that you use to message your friends can be used to mark your saved locations.

Google added an emoji for saving places on maps.

This new update will allow users to mark places with emojis, making them easily identifiable and recognisable. You can assign custom emojis to your saved places with updated Google Maps.

When you use Google Maps, you can save your choice of location to your saved list so you can visit the place later. It might not be very clear to find the choice of location from saved places, but now, with emojis, you can easily find the saved place with a custom emoji.

The updated Google Maps features make searching more fun and personalised for your saved lists. You can use custom emojis for your saved places. However, emojis are limited, such as a heart, suitcase, flag, and list icon, but Google claims they will be expanding the number of emoji options exponentially.

How to Use Emoji to Save Places on Google Maps

Using emojis to save your favorite places on Google Maps is easy and available on Android and iOS. Before you begin, make sure you have updated Google Maps to the latest version.

How to Save Emojis as Saved Places on Google Maps
  • Open Google Maps and select a list of places.
  • When you find the location you want to save, tap on the pin to save it.
  • Next, tap the “Choose Icon” button to select an emoji for your saved place from the available emojis.
  • You can search for the emoji by typing its name.
  • After selecting the emoji, tap the “Done” button at the top of the screen.

Note: The search feature for emojis is currently only available on iPhone, but it is expected to be updated for Android.

After setting the emoji for your saved places, it will appear on the map for your saved places. You can later modify the emoji based on your preferences. You can modify the existing Saved tab on Google Maps, for which you need to change the icon via the edit function on the existing list. At the bottom, you can tap on the square at the top of the screen, tap on the triple-dot menu on the right, and tap on the Edit List button. When on the list editing screen, tap the square at the top. After that, you can click on the list of emojis from which you can choose. When you choose an emoji, it will be reflected.

There are already a lot of nifty features that you can use in Google Maps. Google has not confirmed if this feature will be rolled out to Google Maps on desktop, but it should also be available on desktop.